Transformation Tuesday: Selfie


Since I was feel a little discouraged yesterday I felt I should post something for transformation Tuesday.

Even when I was younger I used to post and take “selfies.” There was just not a word for it yet. Every time I feel like I look awesome or good I take this type of picture. If my hair looks awesome or my makeup I feel like I have to share with the world. No idea why..

2008 I was 19 years old. My confidence was not real great. I came off a ACL injury..and bad break up and I was way over 200 lbs. Despite all that I still had the confidence to feel I looked awesome in that selfie.

Now I am 25 and I still get inspiration or confidence when I look in the mirror. I am still the same person even if I lost all the weight. The pictures help me keep focus and not lose sight of everything I have done.


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3 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday: Selfie

  1. Jackie,
    You look awesome and should not let yourself get discouraged (yesterday – lol) Plus not only are you beautiful you are smart too! Love your posts – keep them coming!

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