Transformation Tuesday: Feeling Confident in a Dress


For Transformation Tuesday I wanted to show off this picture to everyone. My before picture was during a rehearsal dinner for a friends wedding. I remember how much I loved my hair and dress in this picture. I actually felt confident in this picture. Confidence is great, but I was not healthy. A 5’1 23 year old should not be 332 lbs.
Even though I say I was confident in this picture I do remember during this wedding thinking I was the “over weight” bridesmaid..which is not a good feeling. Maybe I just loved the before picture because I loved that dress.
It is really hard to look at past pictures of myself. I always wonder what life would have been like now if I was still over weight or if I never was over weight. I should not think about this now because I do enjoy my life.

My confidence is ten times better. I am more adventurous. When I look in pictures I like what I see. I never want to be 232 lbs ever again.


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