My Hard Work Paid Off

Just a small post today. Today I weighed myself and I was only up 4 lbs before going on vacation. This is awesome to me!! All my hard work this summer really had paid off. I was such a nervous wreck I was going to do the same thing I did last year in Jamaica. I gained almost ten pounds and that was after all the water weight and swelling went down. So to only be up four is truly awesome!

The four will come off soon. Next week I start my job again. Also I start my last semester of grad school! I have big plans this semester. Mainly I hope to look awesome for my graduation. A post will be written later about that.

I am just proud of myself for my hard work this summer. My will power and determination was stronger then ever.


Throw Back Thursday: Dear High School Self

Dear High School self,

It has been seven years since graduation and what I have learned over the last couple years was that I worried about the dumbest things and did nothing to prevent certain moments in my life. This is a letter to my senior year self.


1.) Don’t worry about what people think of you. Sure, people say hurtful things but that girl who laughed about your double chins had three kids before she was twenty-one and the boy who called your FATSO looks like a dirty skater hippie.

This is hard to do but life does get easier and people soon do not matter outside of high school. The high school clique chain does not matter and people move on.

2.) Stop being lazy. Move a little and try to be athletic. Stop lying to your gym teacher you “forgot your gym clothes” so you do not have to participate in gym. Half the people in gym class suck just as much as you do. Seven years one from your graduation class will be on The Eagles or Phillies. So we all sucked.

3.) Stop worrying about boys. You will be in an amazing relationship in seven years and it will happen when it happens. Do not let the boys who turned you down for senior prom dates get to you. Those boys are lame. Plus think how awesome you were for asking those boys yourself. had to do it for junior and senior prom but you did something most girls could never do.



4.) Your personality is awesome and do not change it. You are sweet, kind, silly, and willing to do anything for everyone. Do not change to please people.

5.) Just because you can drive now does not mean you have to constantly make Taco Bell or Wawa runs. This will be the down fall for your weight. You have a job and not many bills to pay so you think fast food is awesome. It is not! Save that money. You will wish you did not waste it.

6.) Do not stop acting because you felt you did not look the part for the best roles. You always felt you were too fat to play the lead and you only could be the comic relief or grandma. Do not get hung up on this. You will regret it and not know what to do with yourself when you get a job as an actor at a horror attraction seven years later.


7.) Stop taking so many naps. I guess this is the same for stop being lazy. You are napping too much and missing the days. Go out for a walk! Stop being lazy.

8.) The friends you have in high school you will not have forever. Half of them with drop off the face of the earth when you graduate. So remember all the times you bust your ass to please people or went out of your way for them? Don’t. Also tell these people the one who forgot to pick you up for dress rehearsal because it was 4/20 or the boy who refused to do Saturday detention and could not go to prom. WHY THE HELL DID YOU NOT STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!?


9.) Join a sport. Rather than being the theater geek, you should have done something more active. You really should do dance. If you did dance classes you could have gotten roles in the musical and be more active.

10.) The only thing you should worry about with the future is your health and education. You will be soon finishing a MA degree in January and you will lose 80 lbs and be more active. Focus on being healthier to make your life longer. You will be happier and your confidence will improve.

Do not let high school bother you. Kids can be mean but the good news is you will NEVER see the mean ones again. If they try to add you on FB you can simply ignore. High school is only a little part of your life and you will get through it.

I felt this vent/rant was necessary.



Transformation Tuesday: Feeling Confident in a Dress


For Transformation Tuesday I wanted to show off this picture to everyone. My before picture was during a rehearsal dinner for a friends wedding. I remember how much I loved my hair and dress in this picture. I actually felt confident in this picture. Confidence is great, but I was not healthy. A 5’1 23 year old should not be 332 lbs.
Even though I say I was confident in this picture I do remember during this wedding thinking I was the “over weight” bridesmaid..which is not a good feeling. Maybe I just loved the before picture because I loved that dress.
It is really hard to look at past pictures of myself. I always wonder what life would have been like now if I was still over weight or if I never was over weight. I should not think about this now because I do enjoy my life.

My confidence is ten times better. I am more adventurous. When I look in pictures I like what I see. I never want to be 232 lbs ever again.


Vacation is Over! My Withdrawal with Carbs


Vacation is over and it is kicking my butt. I am so sluggish and exhausted and I can not figure out why. I think it is my withdrawal of carbs and sugar. When I was in Mexico all I did was eat carbs and sugars. I did not meet a carb I did not like there. Don’t get me wrong..I had fruit and veggies but I was eating a TON of carbs.

The last couple of days I have found myself becoming sluggish and not wanting to do anything. I am always yawning. Also, I notice when I do eat anything I feel bloated and full. This stinks! I hope this feeling goes away.

I am trying very hard to get back on track. I weighed myself Saturday and was 6 lbs up but now I am only 4..I still feel bloated and huge though.

Tonight is Insanity at the gym. I am so scared..I may die.


My Trip to Mexico


Hello everyone! I am back from my wonderful trip to Mexico. Brian and I loved our trip. Mexico is an awesome place to visit. We stayed in Rivera Maya close to Playa Del Carmen. We stayed at the Iberostar at the beach side. Iberostar was such a great resort! I HIGHLY recommend staying at an Iberostar if you go away to Mexico or any Caribbean destination. The price Brian and I paid for all the stuff we got for our money was pretty awesome. We had a great time in Jamaica last year, but we paid around the same price and all the things we got here at the Iberostar, was ten times more.


So, I wrote about how I wanted to be more active on this vacation. I totally was more active on this vacation for sure! The main thing about this resort is how HUGE it is. I wore my Weight Watchers pedometer and I averaged 18,000 to 20,000 in steps a day. We did so much walking. I did not mind the walking though. I love to walk. If I was 200 plus pounds then it would be awful! I could not imagine walking this resort out of shape. I loved the walking though.


I did more activities on this trip as well. I did the bike tour which was pretty awesome. I have not been on an actual bike in years. I usually ride a stationary bike at the gym. The bike tour was us riding our bike all around the resort and looking at the different hotel lobbies. This resort has five different hotels. So to ride on a bike was an eye opener to see just how HUGE this place was. I loved riding the bike though. I kept up with the kids in our group which was cool. I did aqua aerobics  as well, which was sort of weird but fun. Also, I did ALOT of dancing!


Not only did you do a lot of dancing at the pool/pool bar but they have a night club at this resort. On Wednesday I went to their boogie night which was awesome! I am not into 70’s music at all  but when you are drinking a little bit and you actually know the music it was a lot of fun. I was dancing all around and totally got an amazing workout from all the dancing. Brian did not make it for this night, but I got to dance with their “Star Friends” and they were a lot of fun.


So, I did eat and drink a lot on this vacation but I think it was fine because I was more active. The resort does have A LOT of healthy options too. I ate so much fruit because the fruit was so good. My down fall with food was the guacamole at the resort. Brian claimed I was going to turn into an avocado with how much I was eating. Guacamole is sooo high in fat, but good fat..but the Weight Watcher points is crazy. I was piling the stuff on my plate. I loved the stuff!

100_4826 100_4895 100_4937 100_4783 100_4845


Brian and I had an amazing time. We both had a great and relaxing vacation. I am not sure how he did with his weight, but I only gained 6 lbs which is not bad at all. Like I said, I think we were so active that all the eating and drinking really did not hurt us. I had a ball at the Iberostar. I can not wait to go again. I know Brian feels the same way.


Now it is back to real life. I have started to write down and count points again. The good thing about being back is I am not hungry at all. I need to get back to the gym, but I am pretty lazy today. I am not sure if I am going today, but tomorrow I do plan on going to Zumba with my Mom in the morning. I need to get back to my original weight for my neighbors wedding in September. Other than that, I want to lose more weight for my graduation in January. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great week while I was gone. It is time to be back to normal and go on with reality.





Away for Vacation


I will be in Mexico from August 17-22. I will not have much of a connection of the world so if you leave comments or messages I will see them when I get back. I don’t expect much traffic like last year..They reaired my Rachael Ray episode while I was gone. This year I am just a normal woman going away and trying to be healthy.

Everyone have a safe and healthy week! I will write of my travels and experience when I get back.


Transformation with Arms by Doing Insanity


So I thought I would share one more thing before I go on vacation. One thing many may not know about me is I hate workouts with a lot of equipment. If I do a workout and I need X amount of weights, a mat, resistance bands, and the kitchen sink I tend to steer clear. I know..these are great workouts but I guess this is my lazy personality talking.

Anyway, I always wanted to sculpt my arms but found weights was not really cutting it. The before picture was taken in March. I was lifting weighs and doing machines. Did not really see much results for me.

In May my local gym changed their kick boxing class because the instructor graduated and was moving back home. I was bummed and scared they changed the class to INSANITY. Were they crazy!? Needless to say I sucked it up and did the workout. It was tough! I was spent after doing only the warm up.

Well readers, I LOVE THIS WORKOUT. You do not need any equipment. You relay only on your body weight. Since I am 160-165 lbs that is a lot of weight! Planking and triceps dips are ten times better then lifting a dumbbell for me.

I have been doing the workout for three months now and my arms are different. My whole body is different. The scale says I am not losing weight but my clothes are bigger and my body feels stronger. I do Insanity twice a week. I also do T Focus 25 which is like he same thing twice a week.

Do not be afraid of Insanity. It is a great workout. There are plenty of modifications and you still get the same affect. Even someone like me do modifications. Try it!