Alex and Ani and Tour De Shore

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I am obsessed with Alex and Ani and their up lifting and inspirational bracelets. I really love the new one I bought which says, “Young & Strong” because it reminds me of the achievements I’ve accomplished since my weight loss. I love the bracelets and you can find anything on the site. They have for every event and every inspirational milestone. Also, I am not a girly girl and these bracelets are so simply. I love them.


So, if you know me I am obsessed with spinning classes at my local gym. It is my favorite type of class at the gym. One thing I really want to do is get my bike back in order and actual ride around the area. Anyway..I was listening to WMMR’s Preston and Steve podcast  and knew about an event in my area that their produce Casey Foster participated in. The event is called Irish Pub Tour De Shore and I have made up my mind that I will do this for summer 2015.


The Irish Pub Tour De Shore is bike riding of course, but it is hardcore bike riding. One starts in Philadelphia at The Irish Pub on Walnut Street and ride their bike all the way to Atlantic City’s Irish Pub. This is a 65 mile ride. I want to participate this in the worst way.

I have NEVER road 65 miles, but this event makes me so determined to try. The event is going to be a year away and I can train for this. My only problem is the $200 to do the actual event, but if I save my money then I can raise enough for my donation.The main problem will most likely be the training for such a ride and other things..Here is my list of concerns.

1.) Raising money

2.) Having a functioning bike

3.) Training for this event

4.) Have the gear to pull this off.

Again, I have a whole year for this event and I think I can do this. I REALLY want to do this. I think I can do this.




3 thoughts on “Alex and Ani and Tour De Shore

  1. Hey your Blog was pretty much Me a year and a half ago… I was overweight and wanted to change. Tour de shore was something I heard about on the radio as well (michael smerconish program) and I decided that in 2013 I’d get into shape and participate in the 2014 tour de shore… Starting counting calories,took spinning classes and started bike riding a few times a week and 67lbs off later I participated and completed the 2014 tour de shore. You can definitely do the ride ! Took me 5 hours and 5 minutes to finish but honestly, I loved every minute of the ride and didn’t want it to end… Im already looking forward to 2015 tour de shore (which is why I googled it and led me to this blog)

    You will need a good bike (road bike would be ideal , although I did see quite a few mountain bikes. A bike and a helmet and you’ll be on your way ! any flats or break downs you’ll be taken care of by the work crew following behind….

    as fas as training goes, if u can get through spinning classes I really think you’ll be fine… just try and get some miles in on the bike you plan on using.

    Good luck and no worries, you’ll finish ;)

    see you there next year.
    i’ll even put up some $$ for u once u start fundraising… email me when the time comes.

    – peace

    • Thank you so much for the inspirational comment! Also the advice you gave me was great. As for funding, I can’t take anyone’s money. Maybe I could try to raise money if I really need to, but as of right now I really want to try and do it on my own. Thank you though! =)

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