Transformation Tuesday: Awkward Teen Edition


I have been going through pictures from my high school career recently. I went to high school from 2003-07. I was always over weight and looking at this pictures makes me wish I did something sooner about my weight. It is what it is now.

The only time I ever did something was in middle school. Mom and I joined Weight Watchers and I lost over ten pounds but something happened and I stopped the program. I never was healthy until 2012. I have only been like this for two years and I am always nervous I will go back to my dreadful younger years.

The picture above was during a chorus trip to Myrtle Beach and I was sixteen. I remembered not wanting my picture taken in my bathing suit but I was told that I was fine. I had to be over 200 lbs in this picture. How could a awkward teen want their picture taken this way?

I did not know any better. I only knew being fat. I did not know that I could live a healthier life. I thought life was junk and processed food while being lazy and not working out.

Now I know life is not like this. If you live like I used to then you will not live long. As for looking back and regretting, I should not do this. Yes, I was over weight but that is my past and I have great memories in that past…even if I was an awkward teen.


3 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday: Awkward Teen Edition

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I went through similar things. Growing up I was heavy but never did anything about it and wish I did. But now I’m 26 and healthy and it feels good! I was also in HS during that same time. :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I was also heavier while younger and really struggled with that, but never did anything about it! But it’s great for both of us that we are healthier now! I was also in HS during that same time!

  3. Hell Jackie,

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