My Curse of Craving Food and Other Things

So lately I have been craving food. I have been craving food more than ever and it is rather annoying. I want crunchy and salty foods and I do not know why. When I watch television I have the urge to have my mouth moving at all times which makes me not watch television much anymore. I find myself chewing lots of gum lately. Also, when I have the urge to eat I will go out for a walk or go to the gym. I also go up to my room and read or work on my Master’s Thesis. I am not sure why I have the urge to eat all the time lately. What do you all do to fight the urge to binge eat?


Here is a list I found on Pinterest of helpful advice to avoid over eating and bingeing. I do most of this stuff already, but my main problem is I need to stay away from the food. Now, I do not mean stop eating meals but I need to stop grabbing food I SHOULD NOT be eating. Example: I grab a box of cereal and was eating most of the box while watching TV at 3 in the afternoon. This is ridiculous.


My other problem is people sabotaging my weight loss. I believe I spoke of this once before and it is also ridiculous. Why do people guilt me into eating? I have an addiction. I am addicted to food. If you were around a drug user or alcoholic would you offer them their substance of choice?  It is the same thing. So please do not guilt me into having this or that. If I say NO, it means I do not want any. If you keep bugging me; then I feel bad and I will eat. Do not be one of these people. It rather upsets me. Do anyone else have this problem?


On other news, I want to do the night time Color Run in Philadelphia on October 18th, but I may not be able. I am excited and disappointed at the same time why. In a week and a half I am auditioning for Night of Terror which is a very popular horror attraction in my area. It has appeared on television such as the HGTV network and has been voted best attraction in South Jersey a couple of years. I am excited, because I have not had the courage to audition for something like this in a long time. My problem is I can not do the Color Run at night if I am working Night of Terror. If you live in the Philadelphia area, you should sign up here. It looks like a lot of fun!





Does anyone know of any quirky or fun 5ks? I am not really into running and I feel in order to do so, the 5k has to be quirky or fun. I have actually been looking  into doing a Mud Run, but all the ones in my area are over..for now. I also feel like I have to train for such a run. Has anyone ever done a mud run or some type of obstacle run? Please let me know.


I hope everyone has a healthy and safe week. Remember that weight loss is not a race. Remember exercise means  a lot for weight loss. You do not have to be like me. Going for a walk can help you out a great deal. Have a great week!



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