I Lost 7 lbs in 7 Weeks




I started being detailed and consistent on Weight Watchers again seven weeks ago. I was 165 lbs. I weighed myself this morning and now I am 158. Seven pounds!! I am so excited, but it is so interesting how much harder it is to lose the weight when you are not over 200 lbs.  When I read through my journal for WW, I did notice that my hypothesis on the summer season is really hard to lose weight is true. Every weekend but one when I started I had one or two events that have bad or tempting food. This weekend coming up is the first weekend in four weeks where I have nothing planned on my weekend. No BBQ or Bridal Shower. I have to say..I did pretty well for these events. I still counted my points and wrote EVERYTHING down that I put into my mouth.


I found a really cool picture on PINTEREST from Slap Dash Mom where it lists all the 0 Point Plus Foods on Weight Watchers. Remember…eating these foods may be 0 points, but if you eat so much of these foods it can still make you gain weight. This is food when you want something to eat or want to add more to your meals. Just remember to use this wisely.

Well, I go to Mexico with my wonderful boyfriend in over three weeks. I hope to lose at least 3 lbs. I think I am nervous because I plan to be a little “crazy” on vacation. It is an all inclusive place and I spent a lot of money to go. So…point counting is not going to happen. I do plan to be more active on the vacation though. Also, I read that the resort is huge and you will be doing ALOT of walking. Wish me luck!





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