Alex and Ani and Tour De Shore

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I am obsessed with Alex and Ani and their up lifting and inspirational bracelets. I really love the new one I bought which says, “Young & Strong” because it reminds me of the achievements I’ve accomplished since my weight loss. I love the bracelets and you can find anything on the site. They have for every event and every inspirational milestone. Also, I am not a girly girl and these bracelets are so simply. I love them.


So, if you know me I am obsessed with spinning classes at my local gym. It is my favorite type of class at the gym. One thing I really want to do is get my bike back in order and actual ride around the area. Anyway..I was listening to WMMR’s Preston and Steve podcast  and knew about an event in my area that their produce Casey Foster participated in. The event is called Irish Pub Tour De Shore and I have made up my mind that I will do this for summer 2015.


The Irish Pub Tour De Shore is bike riding of course, but it is hardcore bike riding. One starts in Philadelphia at The Irish Pub on Walnut Street and ride their bike all the way to Atlantic City’s Irish Pub. This is a 65 mile ride. I want to participate this in the worst way.

I have NEVER road 65 miles, but this event makes me so determined to try. The event is going to be a year away and I can train for this. My only problem is the $200 to do the actual event, but if I save my money then I can raise enough for my donation.The main problem will most likely be the training for such a ride and other things..Here is my list of concerns.

1.) Raising money

2.) Having a functioning bike

3.) Training for this event

4.) Have the gear to pull this off.

Again, I have a whole year for this event and I think I can do this. I REALLY want to do this. I think I can do this.




Transformation Tuesday: Awkward Teen Edition


I have been going through pictures from my high school career recently. I went to high school from 2003-07. I was always over weight and looking at this pictures makes me wish I did something sooner about my weight. It is what it is now.

The only time I ever did something was in middle school. Mom and I joined Weight Watchers and I lost over ten pounds but something happened and I stopped the program. I never was healthy until 2012. I have only been like this for two years and I am always nervous I will go back to my dreadful younger years.

The picture above was during a chorus trip to Myrtle Beach and I was sixteen. I remembered not wanting my picture taken in my bathing suit but I was told that I was fine. I had to be over 200 lbs in this picture. How could a awkward teen want their picture taken this way?

I did not know any better. I only knew being fat. I did not know that I could live a healthier life. I thought life was junk and processed food while being lazy and not working out.

Now I know life is not like this. If you live like I used to then you will not live long. As for looking back and regretting, I should not do this. Yes, I was over weight but that is my past and I have great memories in that past…even if I was an awkward teen.


My Curse of Craving Food and Other Things

So lately I have been craving food. I have been craving food more than ever and it is rather annoying. I want crunchy and salty foods and I do not know why. When I watch television I have the urge to have my mouth moving at all times which makes me not watch television much anymore. I find myself chewing lots of gum lately. Also, when I have the urge to eat I will go out for a walk or go to the gym. I also go up to my room and read or work on my Master’s Thesis. I am not sure why I have the urge to eat all the time lately. What do you all do to fight the urge to binge eat?


Here is a list I found on Pinterest of helpful advice to avoid over eating and bingeing. I do most of this stuff already, but my main problem is I need to stay away from the food. Now, I do not mean stop eating meals but I need to stop grabbing food I SHOULD NOT be eating. Example: I grab a box of cereal and was eating most of the box while watching TV at 3 in the afternoon. This is ridiculous.


My other problem is people sabotaging my weight loss. I believe I spoke of this once before and it is also ridiculous. Why do people guilt me into eating? I have an addiction. I am addicted to food. If you were around a drug user or alcoholic would you offer them their substance of choice?  It is the same thing. So please do not guilt me into having this or that. If I say NO, it means I do not want any. If you keep bugging me; then I feel bad and I will eat. Do not be one of these people. It rather upsets me. Do anyone else have this problem?


On other news, I want to do the night time Color Run in Philadelphia on October 18th, but I may not be able. I am excited and disappointed at the same time why. In a week and a half I am auditioning for Night of Terror which is a very popular horror attraction in my area. It has appeared on television such as the HGTV network and has been voted best attraction in South Jersey a couple of years. I am excited, because I have not had the courage to audition for something like this in a long time. My problem is I can not do the Color Run at night if I am working Night of Terror. If you live in the Philadelphia area, you should sign up here. It looks like a lot of fun!





Does anyone know of any quirky or fun 5ks? I am not really into running and I feel in order to do so, the 5k has to be quirky or fun. I have actually been looking  into doing a Mud Run, but all the ones in my area are over..for now. I also feel like I have to train for such a run. Has anyone ever done a mud run or some type of obstacle run? Please let me know.


I hope everyone has a healthy and safe week. Remember that weight loss is not a race. Remember exercise means  a lot for weight loss. You do not have to be like me. Going for a walk can help you out a great deal. Have a great week!



I Lost 7 lbs in 7 Weeks




I started being detailed and consistent on Weight Watchers again seven weeks ago. I was 165 lbs. I weighed myself this morning and now I am 158. Seven pounds!! I am so excited, but it is so interesting how much harder it is to lose the weight when you are not over 200 lbs.  When I read through my journal for WW, I did notice that my hypothesis on the summer season is really hard to lose weight is true. Every weekend but one when I started I had one or two events that have bad or tempting food. This weekend coming up is the first weekend in four weeks where I have nothing planned on my weekend. No BBQ or Bridal Shower. I have to say..I did pretty well for these events. I still counted my points and wrote EVERYTHING down that I put into my mouth.


I found a really cool picture on PINTEREST from Slap Dash Mom where it lists all the 0 Point Plus Foods on Weight Watchers. Remember…eating these foods may be 0 points, but if you eat so much of these foods it can still make you gain weight. This is food when you want something to eat or want to add more to your meals. Just remember to use this wisely.

Well, I go to Mexico with my wonderful boyfriend in over three weeks. I hope to lose at least 3 lbs. I think I am nervous because I plan to be a little “crazy” on vacation. It is an all inclusive place and I spent a lot of money to go. So…point counting is not going to happen. I do plan to be more active on the vacation though. Also, I read that the resort is huge and you will be doing ALOT of walking. Wish me luck!





Transformation Tuesday

I decided to do a different kind of Transformation Tuesday today. Since May, I have been doing the Insanity workouts at my local gym and I have noticed results from it. I noticed results on my arms, stomach, and butt. Today I am showing off my arms.


The first picture is from April. I did not start the Insanity program yet. I thought my arms were awesome back in April.


This is my arm today. I notice a huge difference. Not sure if others see it, but I do. I feel like my arm is sculpting better and I have less arm flap that usual. The Insanity workout really works. I love it. I am going to keep going and I can not wait to see what another couple months do.


My First Day on Weight Watchers


Two blog posts in one day?! I must be crazy. I found my first Weight Watchers journal. I found this amazing. I started on May 21, 2012. I was 232 lbs and I was only allowed 30 points. The detail on this post is crazy. I do write a little bit detail now, but as much now. Don’t get me wrong, the points are still correct but I am not very detailed.



I am now 159 lbs and I am allowed 26 points. I am so proud of how far I have come with everything. I will never go back to the 200 lbs ever again.



Workout Gear

So nothing interesting has been happening with me on weight loss and fitness. Same stuff but a different day. I am trying to do another 5K in the future. I wanted to do the Zombie Run near me in September but I have a wedding that day. Does anyone know of fun and quirky 5Ks? I will do any 5Ks but I like when they are unique because I am not a huge runner.

So I found these cute workout tank tops and I want them so bad. You can find them here.




They are awesome! Since I am getting my Masters in English you can see why I love these workout tank tops. I am going to try and buy them. I hopefully get paid next week, but we shall see. They are just awesome.

Well, that is it. Nothing to amazing is going on right now. Still working out and still tracking. I had some events like a Bridal shower so I have no lost weight, but I stayed the same. I have less then a month until I go to Mexico which is always exciting. I can not wait for it.