Another Accomplishment for losing 80 lbs

So I went to Wildwood,NJ with my brother this weekend to ride the amusement park rides. I have not been on a ride in five years. The last time was at the same place and I felt too fat for these rides. I never felt safe. It is not the parks fault but my own for I was 230 plus with my weight. The lap bar never fully went down to my liking or the over head harness never seemed to be tight enough. Also, when I rode the swings, I could not get my butt out of it after the ride was over. I was with one of my guy friends and was so embarrassed I could not get my fat ass out of the seat.

Well, last weekend marked a new feeling of accomplishment since my weight loss.



I rode those rides and did not feel fat at all. I felt safe and secure in everything I was riding. I was so happy as excited. The dreadful swings actually had room to spare in the seat. I was over joy with excitement for this accomplishment.

This is a picture of me five years ago waiting in line for the Ferris wheel. I was over 230 lbs.


This is me today. Twenty-five and around 150 lbs. I am truly blessed by my accomplishments in life.


4 thoughts on “Another Accomplishment for losing 80 lbs

  1. Congrats! This is one of my goals, too! It’s so awesome to be able to ride the rides and feel safe! When I break into One-derland an amusement park trip will be my reward!! Keep up the good work! You look great!

    • That is a great reward! I loved amusement park rides but so was always nervous about riding them.

      Keep up the great hard work and you will hit one-derland in no time. =)

    • Nope, written by me and I am a female. Lol It is amazing the same problems people share when they are over weight. We are not alone. We all share the same things. I am here to say one can lose weight and life gets easier.

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