Another Accomplishment for losing 80 lbs

So I went to Wildwood,NJ with my brother this weekend to ride the amusement park rides. I have not been on a ride in five years. The last time was at the same place and I felt too fat for these rides. I never felt safe. It is not the parks fault but my own for I was 230 plus with my weight. The lap bar never fully went down to my liking or the over head harness never seemed to be tight enough. Also, when I rode the swings, I could not get my butt out of it after the ride was over. I was with one of my guy friends and was so embarrassed I could not get my fat ass out of the seat.

Well, last weekend marked a new feeling of accomplishment since my weight loss.



I rode those rides and did not feel fat at all. I felt safe and secure in everything I was riding. I was so happy as excited. The dreadful swings actually had room to spare in the seat. I was over joy with excitement for this accomplishment.

This is a picture of me five years ago waiting in line for the Ferris wheel. I was over 230 lbs.


This is me today. Twenty-five and around 150 lbs. I am truly blessed by my accomplishments in life.


I Lost 6lbs in Three Weeks!


Tracking really works! Getting back to being strict and on track shows a lot. Today was my weigh in day and I now weigh 159! I lost 2 lbs this week and overall I have lost 6. I am out of the 160’s which is an amazing feeling! I lost 2 lbs even after going to a couple of parties during the weekend.
I am very excited and pumped. My goal is to be back at 152lbs before my Mexico trip. That is like 7 weeks away. That is 7lbs. I can do this. I know I can. I am so excited for what I have done!


My Scale is Lying to Me


So, if you have been following me since my Tumblr days, you may have remembered these “brave” pictures I would post at eveey ten pounds I lost. Even though Rachael Ray contacted me about Bob Harper, on the phone this was a huge conversation but I told the head person I was not ready for these to be plastered all over the television screen while house wives did house work and patients sat in a doctor’s waiting room.


Anyway, I haven’t posted one in a while. I thought there was no need since I had gained over 12 lbs since Christmas of this year. I thought nothing has changed, but I was wrong about this. Anyway, I thought I was.


This is me right now. I noticed something interesting about this picture from the ones from last year. My stomach is getting smaller. If I had gained all this weight, then why is my stomach smaller then last year? Examples:


This was me at 161 lbs around the time of The Rachael Ray Show. I can tell due to my nails and phone case. lol! Notice the difference with my stomach. I am the same weight, but my body is completely different from what the scale is telling me. I look bloated in this picture and my stomach looks bigger. This is my opinion anyway.


Maybe I am going crazy, but I notice a difference.



This was me at my lightest back in July. Almost a year ago. Again, even though I look slim, that stomach still looks bloated to me.


It could be me..and I could just be crazy but this is more proof that makes me believe that the scale does not really tell you the truth about what your body is doing during weight loss and weight training. Lately I have been spinning once a week,  lifting weights, and doing Insanity twice a week. I am noticing huge changes with how strong I am, but my body is changing. The scale is such an awful thing! I know it keeps us on track and try to understand, but it lies to us so much. You should still weigh yourself because you will end up like me. Losing track all together. Just remember that sometimes the scale is not telling the story 100%.



Change is Good

So, I decided to do a quick post to share that I changed my hair color. This was the same decision like when I decided to cut it really short. It was a hard decision to make but I decided to dye my hair red.


Sometimes change is good. Sometimes it boosts up ones confidence and gives them a new view on life. Like deciding to lose weight, make a change can be good. The things in your life do not last forever anyway, so why not take big leaps? There is nothing wrong with change.


Think of something you want to change. It could be using stairs rather than the elevator or drinking water rather than soda. It could be something small like that. Or you could cut your hair crazy short, wear a bikini, or dye your hair. Change is good. It makes life exciting.


I Lost 4 lbs in 2 Weeks! =)

Hello everyone, today is my first day off from work until the summer program and I thought I should post something on here.


So, I have gone back to the basics like I said before. I decided to crack down and start from scratch with the Weight Watcher Program. As stated before, I am not a member of Weight Watchers. My Mom actually goes to the meetings and is part of the program. I merely take her lead and piggy back off the information she shared with me. I use her books and tools to help me. It is actually easy to do Weight Watchers and not be a member. There are so many websites to help you. Here are a few of my favorites:

Weight Watchers Points Calculator 

Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone

Exercise 4 Weight Loss


Those are only a few of many out there. The Weight Watcher points Calculator is VERY helpful. I do have the calculator on my phone, because my Mom is allowed to have the calculator on a couple of devices, but when I started Weight Watchers that site was helpful. I believe anyone can do this program and not be a member. Sorry Weight Watchers, I am a poor graduate student and can not afford your program, but it is an AMAZING  program.


So, I have lost 4 lbs in 2 weeks! I started at 165 lbs and now I am at 161. I am uber excited. I am trying to go back to my lightest which was 152lbs before the end of summer. That is less then 10 lbs! I believe I can do this.


So, I have been writing EVERYTHING down. This is what my madness looks like right now. It may not look pretty and it may not look normal, but this is the method to my madness. I calculate my activity points from this book my Mom has but you can figure it out here too. I love working out, so my points rank up. Then I get 49 Activity which I use during the weekend. I write down everything now even if I did bad that day.

An example is this weekend. I went to a diner with close girlfriends and got a Chicken Caesar Salad. Sounds healthy? Wrong, the chicken was huge! I still ate it, but it ended up calculating to 20 points. So a healthy salad out still was crazy, but I used some of my weekly. Then I went to a graduation party where I used the rest of my weekly and some of my activity.


So even though I went a little crazy, I still wrote everything down. My Mom actually gave me great advice last night. Look at it and think of things you would do differently. Well, maybe I would have had one beer and maybe no fried chicken..then why did I need a slice of cake AND a cupcake. So writing it down is helping me to figure out I should pick on rather than the other.


So due to being fully committed to Weight Watchers again, I lost 4lbs. I am excited to see how far I can go again. I was stuck in a funk, but now this funk is gone. I am a strong woman and I know I can do this physically and mentally.




Transformation Tuesday


Today I am honoring transformation Tuesday to my family. Since Weight Watchers we have all lost some type of weight. I am proud of my family for the accomplishments we have made. First picture was my graduation in 2012 where I was at my heaviest and the second picture was taken Saturday in 2014. I am proud of my family.