Planks: Gotta Love & Gotta Hate Them

Hello everyone! Just a quick post on a Saturday evening. My topic tonight is about planks. I just can not do them. No matter how strong I think I am, I am just not good enough at them. On Thursday night my own Mom held her plank for a whole minute (Go Mom!) and I could only hold it for a short amount of time.  I thought maybe I was doing it wrong or I just was not strong enough. So…today during my workout I took my stop watch on my Iphone and timed myself. I could only hold it for 20 seconds. Now, 20 seconds is not bad but I wish I was stronger. So….


starting tomorrow I am going to do this 30 day plank challenge. The first two days is something I can do which is 20 seconds. I hope by day 30 I could do 5 minutes, but my goal is to do a minute! So we shall see how this goes. I have confidence in myself with this challenge. COMMENT below if you are going to join me tomorrow! Let me know. We can all do this together. =)

Have a great Saturday night!



One thought on “Planks: Gotta Love & Gotta Hate Them

  1. Hi Jackie!

    I have never tried planks before, so when I read your post I (of course) had to give it a try. 1 minute and 30 seconds is ok for a guy I hope, but definitely less than I thought I could do. The funny thing is that my belly and lower back started to shake violently right from the start! I guess that means I have to do it more than once every 10 years… :)

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