My First Bikini EVER


At the age of twenty-five I have done something I have never done in my life before. I bought a bikini. I hated summer when it comes to swim suits. My family has a pool and we enjoy hanging out by the pool and embark on the weather. I used to cover myself up. I hated how I looked.
Now things are different. I thought about it long and hard and thought that it is silly hating my body and covering it up. I worked so hard on my new body and I need to love it. I should also show it off!
I love how I look but I am so nervous my stomach skin has never seen the sun. Any tips on this? I am afraid of serious sunburn. Lol I am excited about wearing my new bikini outside!!


8 thoughts on “My First Bikini EVER

  1. That’s awesome! Yes, def good suncreen, and Coppertone is always my go to. Reapply and reapply! However, I’m not sure why, but lately sunburn has been an issue for me on the top half of my body, no matter how much suncreen I use, so I’ve started wearing a lot of short beachy coverups all the time, except when I’m swimming. Most stores have tons of cute ones right now! There are sheer ones where your bathing suit still shows through. I know covering up is the opposite of what you wanted to do, but it’s better than getting skin cancer.

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  4. As a member of the pale freckly tribe I know my sun screen, my favourite is Copertone Sport SPF 60, stuff is amazing, goes on well and the make a less greasy version for your face. I’ve put it on 8/9 am and spent the day at an amusement park without reapplying, sometimes you get a slight tan but never a burn and thats with no reapplication. Apply some more midday/after swimming you’ll stay white as a ghost. I told my brother who hasn’t seen sun for like 15 years to bring it with him to Cuba and he came back a week later pale as ever

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