Before and After

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I am  a little late for Transformation Tuesday, but that is due to finishing up my last assignment for the semester. I wanted to share this picture, because I believe I have come a very long way with my weight journey. While I look at this picture, one thing comes to my mind..and please forgive me but my boobs.

Most people when they lose weight they lose their boobs or their boobs get small. In the 2009 picture I do not have boobs. My body weight is so much it basically was hiding any boobs I had. They had no shape and they were basically pressed up to my body. As I lost weight and my body was having more of a shape, I noticed that these boobs were appearing. Again, while people complain theirs disappear, mine were appearing before my eyes. It is so hard to buy clothes now because of my boobs. I never thought I would say that! Shirts used to sag due to the lack of boobs, but I could always get the top fixed. Now..I can not get tops on because they are too tight on the chest area. It is insane! Again, I will not change my weight loss for the world..but who knew boobs would appear!


Sorry if this rant is inappropriate but it is rather amusing to me.



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