What’s For You Will Not Pass



With a saying like this, I really need it. My stress level has been a roller coaster the last week with my one course in graduate school.  First, I stressed out with trying to compose a fifteen page paper in a short amount of time, then I handed in the first daft and relaxed, and now my stress is back to a all new high because the paper needs all these edits and she wants me to cut three pages off. I am so stressed out because this is due Tuesday. When I am stressed, I eat. When I eat, I am unhealthy.


I need to take a deep breath and remember that nothing is forever. This stress will go away soon, because the class is over on Tuesday. Grades are not posted until later in the week, but the class will be over. Summer will be here and I can focus on working out, tans, my thesis, and reading books I want to read. I need to remember that I am great and I can not let things get in the way of my head. I am smart, beautiful, and wonderful. Criticism should not pull me down.




So, I really want to be certified to teach spin classes. I have taken spin for almost two years now and I still love it. Only thing is, I think it would be awesome if I could teach. I could use my own music and my own workouts. Some spin instructors music is lame but the workouts are awesome, and the opposite. Yes, I know that people may feel this way about me. I also feel like it would be awesome to get paid to do what I love which is work out, help people be fit and healthy, and spin.

Getting certified is over $300 though and it is sort of scary to think I will have to spend this much. Will it be worth it? Could I find a place I could even teach at? I am going to wait and see if there is any programs in July or August for me. Next semester I will only go up to graduate school twice a month, so I will have a lot of down time in the fall. I would love to be certified in spinning.



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