Planks: Gotta Love & Gotta Hate Them

Hello everyone! Just a quick post on a Saturday evening. My topic tonight is about planks. I just can not do them. No matter how strong I think I am, I am just not good enough at them. On Thursday night my own Mom held her plank for a whole minute (Go Mom!) and I could only hold it for a short amount of time.  I thought maybe I was doing it wrong or I just was not strong enough. So…today during my workout I took my stop watch on my Iphone and timed myself. I could only hold it for 20 seconds. Now, 20 seconds is not bad but I wish I was stronger. So….


starting tomorrow I am going to do this 30 day plank challenge. The first two days is something I can do which is 20 seconds. I hope by day 30 I could do 5 minutes, but my goal is to do a minute! So we shall see how this goes. I have confidence in myself with this challenge. COMMENT below if you are going to join me tomorrow! Let me know. We can all do this together. =)

Have a great Saturday night!



Trying out Shaun.T and Shakeology


I am not going to lie. I was really upset when Thursday night kickboxing was no more once our instructor at our local gym left. They changed the program to Insanity which I thought was strange, because I thought you could only do the program with a DVD. The class is actually really good! Insanity has a new line where it is a CD of music and a horn goes off throughout the CD. The CD comes with a booklet of different workouts one must do. Even though I was not happy at first, I feel so much better about Insanity.

I was always afraid of Shaun.T and his Insanity workout because he loves jumping. I am not a jumping kind of girl because my ACL is not a strong due to a injury when I was eighteen. Jumping is something I do not enjoy. Of course..I never tried Insanity. I love it!! It is by far a BETTER workout then my kickboxing classes on Thursday. I feel so powerful and strong when I am done a class.


I told my coworker how much I loved the Insanity workout and she let me borrow her Focus T25 DVD’s and now I am a Shaun.T fan. I love the workouts. I feel like I am really working my body and the workouts make me feel so powerful afterwards. The funny thing is..I actually met Shaun.T when I was on Rachael Ray. I met him for two seconds, but I still met him. Sad thing was I wanted NOTHING to do with him because I was afraid of his workouts. I will always be a Bob Harper fan, but I love trying new things and Shaun.T is something new. I love his workouts! You should do them too. Do not let anything scare you! You do not have to be perfect with your workouts. If you can not do something then just keep at your pace. You will still be a rock star.




Hey fellow readers, I know sooo many people who are doing Shakeology now. I have actually been approached by a number of people asking if I can join their group and buy this. Only problem is..IT IS SO EXPENSIVE! So I have a couple of questions to anyone who does Shakeology.

1.) Is this worth it? Do you see results? I only want to do the shake part, because the measuring is something I do not need to do because I do Weight Watchers.

2.) Does it taste good?

3.) Is the price worth it? Is a 30 day supply really in a bag?

4.) Why did you decide to do it?

I have been going back and forth. I do love smoothies and shakes. I make a lot with Weight Watcher smoothies. I notice the powder ranges from 4 to 5 points a scoop and that is a lot for me. I was going back and forth. Like I said..I love to try new things, but I am not sure about this.


Anyway, I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. Time to go back to healthy living!



My First Bikini EVER


At the age of twenty-five I have done something I have never done in my life before. I bought a bikini. I hated summer when it comes to swim suits. My family has a pool and we enjoy hanging out by the pool and embark on the weather. I used to cover myself up. I hated how I looked.
Now things are different. I thought about it long and hard and thought that it is silly hating my body and covering it up. I worked so hard on my new body and I need to love it. I should also show it off!
I love how I look but I am so nervous my stomach skin has never seen the sun. Any tips on this? I am afraid of serious sunburn. Lol I am excited about wearing my new bikini outside!!


Happy Two Years of Healthy Living!


It is time to celebrate! I have been living my healthy life style for two years now! On May 20th,2012, I made a change to my life. I was highly unhappy with myself. I felt like I had no motivation or self confidence in myself. I was miserable at life and how I was living it. I stepped on the scale and I was at 232 lbs. I was so unhappy! I started to do Weight Watchers and work out and now my life is so much better. On May 20th, 2013, I weighed 173 lbs. Today I range between 152lbs and 158 lbs. I am still working but I am learning that I can live and still be happy. It is okay to indulge in food and to enjoy life. I work out almost four times a week and I do any type of work out.


Happy Two Years of happy healthy living! I hope to have many many more years!



Before and After

image (8)

I am  a little late for Transformation Tuesday, but that is due to finishing up my last assignment for the semester. I wanted to share this picture, because I believe I have come a very long way with my weight journey. While I look at this picture, one thing comes to my mind..and please forgive me but my boobs.

Most people when they lose weight they lose their boobs or their boobs get small. In the 2009 picture I do not have boobs. My body weight is so much it basically was hiding any boobs I had. They had no shape and they were basically pressed up to my body. As I lost weight and my body was having more of a shape, I noticed that these boobs were appearing. Again, while people complain theirs disappear, mine were appearing before my eyes. It is so hard to buy clothes now because of my boobs. I never thought I would say that! Shirts used to sag due to the lack of boobs, but I could always get the top fixed. Now..I can not get tops on because they are too tight on the chest area. It is insane! Again, I will not change my weight loss for the world..but who knew boobs would appear!


Sorry if this rant is inappropriate but it is rather amusing to me.



What’s For You Will Not Pass



With a saying like this, I really need it. My stress level has been a roller coaster the last week with my one course in graduate school.  First, I stressed out with trying to compose a fifteen page paper in a short amount of time, then I handed in the first daft and relaxed, and now my stress is back to a all new high because the paper needs all these edits and she wants me to cut three pages off. I am so stressed out because this is due Tuesday. When I am stressed, I eat. When I eat, I am unhealthy.


I need to take a deep breath and remember that nothing is forever. This stress will go away soon, because the class is over on Tuesday. Grades are not posted until later in the week, but the class will be over. Summer will be here and I can focus on working out, tans, my thesis, and reading books I want to read. I need to remember that I am great and I can not let things get in the way of my head. I am smart, beautiful, and wonderful. Criticism should not pull me down.




So, I really want to be certified to teach spin classes. I have taken spin for almost two years now and I still love it. Only thing is, I think it would be awesome if I could teach. I could use my own music and my own workouts. Some spin instructors music is lame but the workouts are awesome, and the opposite. Yes, I know that people may feel this way about me. I also feel like it would be awesome to get paid to do what I love which is work out, help people be fit and healthy, and spin.

Getting certified is over $300 though and it is sort of scary to think I will have to spend this much. Will it be worth it? Could I find a place I could even teach at? I am going to wait and see if there is any programs in July or August for me. Next semester I will only go up to graduate school twice a month, so I will have a lot of down time in the fall. I would love to be certified in spinning.



Have you Hugged A Graduate Student Lately?

So, I have been silent lately due to my graduate studies. I just finished my thesis development and I felt highly satisfied with it. The process was a pain, but not a bigger pain then my other two classes. Right now I am trying to process a paper that I feel is total garbage. This whole semester has been stressful and it shows in my routine. Due to my long commute, my long assignments, my hours at work, and just all this stress my diet is showing it. Granted, I have stayed the same weight every week for the last four weeks and that is not a bad thing, but I still kick myself because I have been stress eating! Not even eating, but drinking too.

I have been doing so well during the day with eating healthy and counting my Weight Watcher points but at night I shove food into my mouth like it is going to be stolen from me. I am so annoyed with myself.   I only have two weeks left of graduate school and even though I wanted to be skinny for the summer, I will live with trying to get back on track for the summer. I am going to do different things and I hope I can keep these promises.

First, I am going to try and eat five small meals a day. I am noticing my meals are way too big and I eat only three big meals. This concept is not helping me because I am finding myself getting hungry quicker after my meals.  Of course I need to stop snacking. I need to stop sitting their and shoving snack after snack into my mouth. I need to learn to do other things beside watching T.V as well. Maybe go for a walk or clean my room/car. I need to stop SNACKING!!! ugh..



I want to try this because I always want to do CrossFit, but I do not have the money for it. This is awesome because you do not need equipment and it looks like awesome workouts.


I also, wish to do some type of ab challenge, because I feel like my core could be better. I bought a lot of shirts this summer that could show my stomach depending if I stretch high enough. I also feel like I do not do enough with my abs. My legs and arms look great, but my abs could be better.


I also feel like my plank ability is awful. I have no upper body strength and when I do my kick boxing class, I can not do a plank to save my life. I feel like this challenge will help me. I am not sure about five minute planks, but to get to 1 minute that would be awesome.


I know I have come a long way and I beat myself up, but I feel like I have more to lose. Sometimes I feel like I am people’s support group. People message me questions and are always asking for advice, and that is fine but sometimes I wish I had someone to talk to.  I have to stay positive and just get pass this speed bump.