Bob Harper


Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser is a huge inspiration of mine. The way he dedicates his time to help people who are over weight and wish for a change inspires me. Bob is the reason why I got off the couch and moved my body.


In May of 2012 I decided to change myself. I was beautiful but I did not see it that way. I did not like the fact I looked unhealthy. I felt unhealthy. I had a hard time sleeping, medical problems, and was out of shape. I had to change something. My Mom handed me a DVD with Bob Harper on the cover and told me, “Good Luck.”

The entire summer of 2012 Bob was my trainer. Even though he was not there in person I still acted as if he was there. His work outs were challenging but not difficult. The people in the videos seemed just like me. Soon I learned seasons of The Biggest Loser was on Netflix and I had a marathon of all of them. I could not get enough of Bob!


I read his Skinny Rules book and learned a lot of the things I was doing was what he was saying. I felt I was doing the right things. When October of 2012 rolled around I wanted to join a gym and losing over 20 lbs from Bob’s workouts and book really helped me gain that confidence. I never joined a gym before but now I was not scared to go. I now work out five days a week. I go to the gym and a spinning class. My confidence is a a whole time high and I have never felt healthier.

One day I was looking back on this journey so far because a year is coming up soon. I wrote a message in hope my fitblr’s would re blog to get a message out. The post did not get much of a response…

Here is my post on tumblr..

Or so I thought! One day in April 2013 I was contacted all over the place from the people of The Rachael Ray Show. I was given the greatest experience ever to have my message given out to him on her show and to meet him. I want to thank everyone at the Rachael Ray Show for giving me this amazing experience!

photo (1) Rachaelray15 Rachaelray11 Rachaelray14

2 thoughts on “Bob Harper

    • No, I wish though! That would have been amazing. It would have been the best workout of my life. He was very nice though. He took me to his dressing room, signed his book and took pictures. He was such a nice guy.

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