Beauty is not Measured in Lbs


So since my birthday I have been doing a really good job eating right..except going out to eat. I told Brian that he needs to keep me in line and tell me when I am not making the healthiest choice. Maybe we should stop going out to eat? Brian’s Mom bought me this awesome cook book to learn to cook and I was thinking of cooking for Brian two days a week when my semester is over. So, I feel cooking for ourselves would be healthier than going out to eat every week.

I also notice I eat and snack a lot at night. I have started to stop eating after 8pm again. I did this in the past and I actually notice it was successful when I did it. People do claim this does not matter or does not help, but it helps me keep in control with my snacking.

Finally I am trying very hard still to learn that beauty is not measured in pounds. I need to learn that when I get on the scale that the number does not make me any less of a person. Here is to healthy living and healthy thinking.


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