A Quick Update

What a busy busy busy life I have! Graduate school is really taking a toll on my life. I spent 8 hrs yesterday on it. It is like my full time job.

With that being said, I am doing my best staying positive and staying healthy. Then weight loss seems rare but I do not feel fat. I feel strong. I do not feel bloated. I have been watching what I eat and right everything down. I am pleased with how things are going even of the scale does not say what I want.

So this week is a busy one! Today were are going to AC for my Dad’s birthday, tomorrow Brian and I are going out to dinner to celebrate our five year anniversary, Friday it is back to AC for a beer fest and Saturday is my birthday!! Busy..Busy..Week. Thank god my homework load is slow for next week!

Staying positive.

Here are some pictures from the last couple weeks since I have lot been posting!!






Transformation Tuesday


Thought I share a picture of my Dad and I. I am tired of this sweater weather though. I really want my t-shirts and tank tops now. No more snow and cold please!
I am trying to keep on track even though last weekend was St. Paddy’ events and the next couple weekends I have some events going on. I can not think that I have to stop keeping track either. I need to pick and chose where I want to indulge. I have a lot of deciding to do! Let’s hope everything goes well! Lol


Working Towards My Goal



So for the last two weeks I have been writing down everything I have been eating and drinking, I weigh myself once a week, and I work out. Two weeks ago I was 169 lbs and now I am 163 lbs which is AWESOME! So, I need to stop slacking. In order for this life style to work I need to write down everything again. Even if I go over my 26 Weight Watcher Points it did not matter..I still lost weight. So, I am glad things are going back to normal. I hope to get back to 152 lbs in before June. I believe this can happen if I keep going strong at what I am doing now.

This week I noticed that it has been one year since I started taking spinning classes. That made me feel really good about myself. When I started to take spinning classes this is when I started to do my extreme workouts. Spinning really started for me to stop being afraid and start seeing what my body can really do. Before spinning I did not really lift weights or do any thing extreme. So, everyone who was my spinning instructor THANK YOU! You are all awesome in keeping my going.

So, I found out even though I am doing great and keeping track I have SOOO many events coming up. The end of this month I won a free Happy Hour at a dueling piano bar in Philadelphia. They serve drinks in buckets..LITERALLY..86 oz buckets. Then it is my Dad’s birthday..my five year anniversary with Brian…the beer festival in AC..and something called MY BIRTHDAY!! So I have a lot of things coming up. I need to figure out what are the really important things to me and the other things I need to watch what I partake in. So I am working hard for these days..but all this will be over after April 5th and I will have to just go back to what I was doing.


My birthday is April 5th..and I will be turn 25! So I thought I would come out with a list of 25 things to do during my 25th year. I have some ideas already. I am exciting to write this list out. Having a list sometimes makes things more exciting. So, that should be out before my birthday. Now I must get back to my graduate school work. I have a major project due this week for my thesis. I am very nervous but I know I did great. This semester has been so stressful with homework! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Transformation Tuesday


Due to feeling ill and having a sick day, I decided to make another post. Transformation Tuesday helps me remember that I have come a long way in my weight loss journey. It helps me be more motivated and inspired. Sometimes when I see myself in the mirror or a picture of me I think negatively. This is a load of poop! Look how far I have come. Breath in the positivity and let go the negativity.


Back on Track But Another Speed Bumpy

So..After a week of writing down my Weight Watcher points and keeping track what I eat and drink I have lost 5 lbs. So boys and girls, you should always do this so you do not slip up. I have been drinking way more water and I have also been making smoothies for breakfast. A couple of smoothies I have been making are:

1.) 1 packet of Weight Watchers Smoothie mix chocolate
1 cup of milk
1 kiwi
1/2 of spinach
A few strawberries
1/2 cup of water
Some ice

2.) 1 packet of Weight Watchers Smoothie mix chocolate
1 cup milk
1/2 cup water
Some ice
1 spoonful of peanut butter
1/2 cup spinach
1 kiwi
Some strawberries

3.) 1 packet of Weight Watcher Smoothie Mix Chocolate
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of water
Some ice
1/2 cup spinach
1/2 mango
A few black berries

I love trying new things and it is really cool to experiment with the smoothies. I have a Weight Watcher smoothie packet that is mint flavor and I am wondering what could go with that.

So now that I am back on track..I feel sick. I have the worst head cold ever. My body is achy as well. I tried working out this weekend before things got bad but I had no energy. It stinks being sick. Here to another speed bump along the way.


Happy Birthday to my wonderful boyfriend, Brian!! He turned 27 on Thursday..So I am a little late. We went out to comedy club in Philadelphia and had a great time. We actually order healthy..besides the alcoholic drinks. The humus plate was amazing.

Well, I am off to veg on a couch or bed due to my cold. I am debating calling out for work but who knows. It is a pain finding coverage. Later!