The Problems of Weight Loss

The reason I have not been posting is for two reasons. 1.) Graduate school is taking over my life. I am always reading, writing, and researching. It is consuming everything out of me. But mostly 2.) I am me embarrassed to write anything. 152 lbs? That is a lie. How about we try when I weighed myself the start of the month and it said I was 168 lbs.
I am so upset with my self. I am embarrassed to even have a weight loss blog. I feel that I have become out of control with my eating and I can not stop it. I find myself snacking like crazy and eating when I am not hungry. I find myself not writing what I am not eating and just not caring. I do care but my thoughts have gone back to my old ways. I am heavier now then when I met Bob Harper. I am so upset with myself.
This is such a huge struggle for me and I guess this journey will always be. I always feel guilty after I eat something now. I work my ass off at the gym but then I ruin if later. I feel like I am a disappointment. I feel like my clothes do not fit. I feel all this negative energy and stress and I am really sorry. I think I will not post for a while..Not until I get my act together. I am so upset with myself.


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One thought on “The Problems of Weight Loss

  1. I’m sorry to see that you feel like this. However, I think that it’s great that you’ve been so honest with how you’re feeling. The thing is, weight loss is hard, and life can get busy and we can go from having treats to eating those types of things everyday. I know the feeling. I used to feel the guilt (and sometimes I still do), but the other day my husband said the most helpful thing, “You’ll do better next time”. After a tear filled session of self-loathing about eating far too much chocolate and everything-else-in-the-fridge, he said, “you’ll do better next time” and suggested that we make a salad together a bit later for dinner.

    Each meal time presents an option to choose to put something into our system that makes us more healthy or less healthy – I think the aim is to just try and make more more healthy choices outweigh the less healthy. So what, you consumed more cake/chips/alcohol etc than you meant to one day/night, move on to the next meal and choose something wholesome and nourishing, instead of further punishing ourselves for eating too much by not eating, or eating low calorie foods with little nutrient density.

    You’ve done so tremendously well with your weight loss journey, but that’s not the only thing that matters – your Graduate studies matter, your brain needs to function for this to happen – you need good nutrition and some movement in your life. Even if not immediately I can imagine that if you focus on swinging the balance to more healthy and on eating what you need to fuel your studies, then you’ll see the weight go again. Stop punishing yourself – you’re AMAZING – your body does amazing things – you’re so much stronger than you were when you started and you know how your body works and when it feels great so much better than when you started. Focus on these things and not the scale. You’re more than a number.

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