Rachel The Winner of The Biggest Loser


This topic is rather upsetting to me. Reading all these comments on negativity on a woman who is my age and how people are saying she is too skinny. People are claiming Bob and Jillian threw Dolvett under the bus. Let us all take a breather people.

I do agree Rachel looks very skinny but wouldn’t you do the same thing if you could win $250,000? I sure would. She was a fighter through the whole season and she was up two guys who throw down huge numbers of weight loss. I would do the same too! I understand that going through great lengths to win money like that can be silly but I understand what she did and why.
My two cents on the matter is muscle is important. She looks like she has none. Why? Muscle gains weight and then she would lose. I think the show should try to take it to another direction with the idea of gaining muscle but this is the first season where this has happened. This season the people were huge fighter for that second chance and that is why they were losing so much weight and so fast. She has no muscle but muscle makes you gain weight.

Also, poor thing. People are telling her she is TOO skinny now when people most likely told her she was too fat. Here is the thing, people are always going black lash and say comments about your weight. At 152 lbs I was told I am too skinny and need to stop losing weight. It is my body though and I feel I want to lose more. This is Rachel’s body and she wanted to win the show. She did what she had too. Also, her body image is so shocking because last weeks episode is filmed either August or September. She had many months to change her appearance to 105 lb.

So those are my thoughts. I am sad about the comments by people. I am sad by the he said and she said. The show is about losing weight at huge amounts for money. We all would have done what she did. I am not saying she was right but I see where she is coming from. The show may need to look into a new direction.


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