Life May Have Some Hiccups.



I have been very stressed out lately. It is rather sad because I just went back to school two weeks ago and I am about to throw myself off a bridge. Not really but I am just saying. If no one knows, I am a graduate student at Monmouth University. I live an hour and a half away from the school and I commute two days a week. I am studying English with a concentration in literature. I wish to teach at the college level someday but we shall see. I am currently working on my thesis. I am only on the thesis development stage and I already have a headache. What does this have to do with anything about this blog?

Stress creates negative thoughts..negative thoughts creates old habits..old habits creates lazy Jackie. I have not been working out like I have been these last two weeks and my eating habits are out of control.  I am highly upset because I thought working out was a way to get away from my stress. Well, I learned from this experience that I have not been this stressed out since my weight loss journey has started. It is amazing how the negative thoughts come back to my head. I thought I was pass them but they still linger in the back of your head. So strange.

What do you all do to get away from stress? What do you do? Some people tell me to do something artistic but the problem is I have no time. I should not even be writing on here because I have so much homework! I feel my job is a way to get away from stress sometimes even if my job can be stressful. I work with children who have special needs. Yesterday I pulled a child on a scooter with a hula hop and forgot all about my thesis for that half hour. Anyway, what do you all do to get away from stress? How do you get those negative thoughts out of your head? I am very interested in hearing your thoughts.



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4 thoughts on “Life May Have Some Hiccups.

  1. Make a plan to have a date night (even if you make a meal together or if you grab take out) with your boyfriend with a rule that you’re not allowed to talk about the thesis. Stick to this rule. Even plan to go for a walk “around the block” if possible with him before dinner. Enjoy being out or spending time with him, then come home, unwind and get a good night’s sleep. In the morning write a to do list and get started. Stress is horrible. But you’ll get through it. Baby steps – a walk around the block and a healthy dinner is far better than no walk and eating a whole packet of chips/chocolates/cookies (depending on your poison of choice) because you’re stressed. Good luck with the Thesis!! I know the pain.

    • Thanks for the advice. =) I spent a lot of time with Brian Friday and Saturday and it kept my mind off of things for a while. I do find my stress is not as bad when I am around him but due to our work schedules we do not see each other as much as I would like.
      I did take a walk today and it was great! I love the heat wave of 50 degrees today! I feel when the old goes away I will go for more walks to clear my mind. I love doing homework at the park. It has been too damn cold!

  2. I swim! Under water is where I find my peace of mind. I do all the self-reflection and meditation in that one hour of the day. Workout and some much needed daily alone time :-)

    • That is awesome! Swimming is great. I do swim in the summer because we have a pool in my back yard. Not too sure about the gym pool. I never used it. I should.

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