Workout Wednesday

I am so tired of this snow. I should be at work right now but due to a delay opening I am not. I am sick of the snow! So, rather than homework and working on my masters thesis I rather write a blog post. After all it is workout Wednesday!


Zumba Logo


It took me a long time to get into Zumba. I will not lie. Sometimes the step work is so tough for me to follow but once I got the hang of  the steps it is a lot of fun. Who knew that dancing could be an amazing work out? The music can be a lot of fun and depending on the instructor they can be a lot of fun. What I really like about this work out is it works all part of your body including your abs. The workout is what you make of it.

The other reason I enjoy this work out is due to the fact that everyone can do it. Young to old..big to small. It is one of the only workouts I can do with my Mom. I took her to a spinning class and almost killed her. Zumba is a class that she can handle. So I like doing a class that I could do with almost everybody.

Zumba is so popular that you can find a class anywhere. If you are not part of a gym the classes I usually cheap being under 5 bucks or under 10. So it is easy to find a local class. So if you are afraid of the idea of working out and weights, try a Zumba class. It is a lot of fun and the music is great! Shake it!



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5 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday

  1. Zumba is absolutely one of my favorites. My friend won’t do it with me because she doesn’t want to make a fool of herself, but in a way it’s really just about having fun and not caring haha

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