Workout Wednesday

I am so tired of this snow. I should be at work right now but due to a delay opening I am not. I am sick of the snow! So, rather than homework and working on my masters thesis I rather write a blog post. After all it is workout Wednesday!


Zumba Logo


It took me a long time to get into Zumba. I will not lie. Sometimes the step work is so tough for me to follow but once I got the hang of  the steps it is a lot of fun. Who knew that dancing could be an amazing work out? The music can be a lot of fun and depending on the instructor they can be a lot of fun. What I really like about this work out is it works all part of your body including your abs. The workout is what you make of it.

The other reason I enjoy this work out is due to the fact that everyone can do it. Young to old..big to small. It is one of the only workouts I can do with my Mom. I took her to a spinning class and almost killed her. Zumba is a class that she can handle. So I like doing a class that I could do with almost everybody.

Zumba is so popular that you can find a class anywhere. If you are not part of a gym the classes I usually cheap being under 5 bucks or under 10. So it is easy to find a local class. So if you are afraid of the idea of working out and weights, try a Zumba class. It is a lot of fun and the music is great! Shake it!



Taking a Look to the Past in Sizes


I thought this was worth sharing. I found a old pair of underwear from when I was 232 lbs. I bought them at Lane Bryant and they are a size 20-22. The bottom pair is from Victoria Secret and is a medium which is roughly a size 10. I truly find this amazing and I am proud of my accomplishment. I need to keep going forward and remember things like this to motivate me.


Workout Wednesday

You know what is a great workout? Shoveling snow! I hate this workout but it has to be done. It could take hours to do but the way you use your arms and legs really makes you sweat. My feet were freezing but I was sweating due to all the work. So, if it snowed a lot do not let someone else take your workout. Go out and do it!




Starting Weight Watchers Simple Start

I am back from my trip to Myrtle Beach to visit my friend Allie. It was loads of fun! Only thing is I have not eaten a fruit or veggie since Friday. Really going through withdraw. Also, some of my meal and beverage choices were not the best but I had fun and that is all that matters. Also, I was SOOOOO bummed that I did not get to ride a mechanical bull. The bar that has one was shut down for serving under age kids. I guess it was a good thing they were closed. I still had an amazing time seeing Allie!




So if you all do not know, I follow Weight Watchers. I feel like it is the only program I can follow with my eating habits. Only problem is I have been getting so bored! So my mom suggested the Simple Start. I am only allowed 7 points a day but they have things known as power foods. These power foods are things you can consume as much as you wish until you are satisfied. I like this idea for it is not a lot of point counting. Also so think this will help me with my bad snacking habits. Maybe I will go for a bag of carrots rather than pretzels. We shall see. I am not sure how the program is but I am starting tomorrow. Once I get a feel for it I will report back on it and let you all know what I think!


I Want to be Strong, Not Skinny: My Progress With Weights


My goal is to not be a skinny stick. I want to be strong. Now I do not want to look like a huge body builder but I want to show I am strong. The first pic was taken in November with some weight training and the second was taken last night in January showing my couple months of experience. I do weight training 2-3 times a week. Only real tip I give is to watch a video or go to a personal trainer for help with weights. Also do not do weight training close to a weigh in because your muscles hold water and that causes them to make you gain weight. You will gain weight doing weight training but it is not fat, it is muscle. Muscle makes you look skinnier. If anyone needs tips or help please contact me!


Workout Wednesday

1338947669532_2078495  I want to try something new every Wednesday. I want to write about one of my workouts I enjoy or something new I have tried in the week. My favorite work out of all time is spinning. When I tell people I love taking a spin class they look at me like I have two heads. Something about riding that bike with different speeds, weights and positions really makes me excited to do the work out. If you have an amazing instructor, great music and an awesome crowd the the class is truly awesome. Plus you burn a load of calories doing it too! I love it.

My love of spinning started back in March of 2013 when I was 180 lbs. My first class was rough people. I did not move my butt off the seat at all. I tried to but I was too afraid due to having a weak core. My goal was to keep peddling until the sixty minutes were over. I did survive of course! This class is not easy for newbies but it is exciting to try. Once you understand how your body works and you are not afraid of getting up off the seat then the class is amazing! Soon I learned to do all the positions and learned to love the resistance. I lost a lot of weight with spinning. I started off being 180 lbs and now I am 152 lbs. Good diet helped of course but my work out of choice was spinning during this time.

I used to do spinning every week four times a week..but I soon stopped doing it so much because my body was getting bored. I was not losing weight and the resistance was not getting harder anymore. Now I do spinning once a week or once every other week but I do love it. Out of all the classes I take it is my true favorite. Someday I would love to teach a class.

spin-class-022410-lgIf you are interested in trying a spin class you should! It is a great work out. You can burn 450-500 calories in 45 minutes while spinning and you sweat like a crazy person during the workout. The class is more then riding a bike. It strengthens the muscles of the lower body. It tones the quadriceps and hamstrings, along with working the back and hips. This workout is not easy but why would anyone want to do a workout that is easy? You would not get anything out of it.  If your local gym offers this class you should really try it. People always think of the stereotypes when taking a spin class. They think the instructors are crude and run around the room screaming in your face. People always think they will throw up while doing the class too. It is not true! Always try something new people! I never been a class where people judge. People welcome newbies. I love seeing new people and I love helping them out as well. Try something new! You only live once.