I lost 30 lbs: How 2013 Was My Year



Despite the struggles I have been having the last couple months, 2013 was truly my year. When I looked back on it all, this year was truly amazing. I have lost 80 lbs overall but in the year 2013, I have lost 30 lbs and that is a huge accomplishment! Since the New Year is almost upon us..I felt is was fitting to write a blog post on what I felt was great accomplishments and amazing moments of my year. These moments are not ranked or anything but this is what made 2013 great for me.



Of course, the first moment I will never forget as long as I live is how I was on The Rachael Ray Show back in May. I was on the show which aired twice this year and I got to meet Bob Harper..my fitness hero! The moment is why this blog is even around. I started off on Tumblr but once I realized my Tumblr blog was actually noticeable I decided to create this blog! Not only was this blog created but my Tumblr exploded with views and I made a lot of friends from all over the country this year.

The moment truly showed that people are inspired by little things. At the time I lost 60 lbs and I inspired others. People before that time were inspiring me that I did not realize that I could actually inspire others.




Getting back to the show, the moment was amazing. I had my hair and make up down like a celebrity. I had my confidence boost so much that day. Knowing that the people of The Rachael Ray Show actually reached out to me so I could meet my fitness hero was amazing. Bob Harper was so sweet to me. He took a picture with me and he even signed a copy of his book. All this happened in his dressing room of course! What you see on the Biggest Loser is the real deal with him. He was truly amazing to meet. This moment was one of the greatest moments of 2013 but also of my life.



Another moment of 2013 that was amazing was how I was in two 5Ks. I did my first 5K in June and was not #1 or anything but I still ran the entire time in it. It was one of the toughest things I did this year but I enjoyed every second of it. The thought of actually doing a 5K was very rewarding. Granted, I am not a huge fan of running but it was still great to try something new and not give up the entire time.


969809_10201556191289940_2073615304_n (1)


Another 5K I did was with my family. It was The Color Run. Granted, we did not run this one. I think it would of killed the women in my family if we ran the whole thing but nothing was wrong with walking. The Color Fun was a lot of fun and was a great way to get my family moving their body. Any one can do this 5K at any age. Also, the pictures taken during and after this event if so funny!





A silly moment I loved of 2013 was when my friend Allie came to visit in July. Of course, the whole time my friend Allie was here was great because I love showing her the Northern life since she is from South Carolina. Even though the weekend was filled of poor decisions with food it had a lot of great moments. One moment that stood out was when the Naked Cowboy in Time Square picked me up and held me. This was the first time since I was a kid anyone thought they could pick me up. Sure, people stared at me a half naked grown man was lifting me in the streets of NY but the confidence level that happened to me during this moment was amazing! Someone actually picked me up because they thought I was light enough!! Call it silly but it was great!




Another moment was in September when I did Sweat USA in AC. The fitness expo was great and I got to hear Jillian Michael speak! She said a lot of powerful and inspiring things during her talk. Also, I got to take a lot of new and exciting classes where I sweat my butt off. I hope to do this event next year and hopefully for two days!!



Going to Jamaica with Brian this year was a great high light because it was the first time I was ever out of the country. Also, Brian and I tried many new things such as snorkeling. I loved swimming around in the clean water and looking at all the fish around us. It was truly beautiful.

underwaterbrianandiOne moment that was truly rewarding was climbing The Dunn Riverfalls. It was a hard accomplishment and Brian might of wanted to kill me afterward but it was truly great when we were done!



Finally, the confidence level I have is truly a huge accomplishment this year. I truly love clothes shopping and it maybe a problem due to my addiction to certain stores now. I do not mind showing off my legs, wearing skirts and wearing things that are tighter to show off my curves. I have found an new love for my body and for the clothing I wear.



2013 was a great year and it was my year. I lost 30 lbs this year and I show no signs of slowing down or stopping with being healthy and fit. I am so humble for the people who read my blog or stumble upon it. You all are an inspiration to me for actually caring about my story. I am a twenty something from New Jersey who needed to become healthy and you all actually care. Thank you all so much! Here is to a great 2014 and hope that I write more. I hope graduate school could be less crazy, but I feel it will not be! Haha..Oh well!!!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Years!






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