Merry Fitness and Have A Happy New Rear

Season’s greetings on my new laptop that will not break down on me or explode while using. I am great full for my new laptop because I have my thesis development coming up this semester and I really needed a laptop that would function very well for all my research and writing. I did receive my grades this semester and all my hard work paid off. I am very pleased.

This Christmas was a little rough with all the junk and high fatty foods…and drinking. Sunday is m family Christmas. It is a ugly Christmas sweater theme and I have a awesome outfit planned..but since it is families getting together then there will be bad food. Then Brian and I are going out for NYE with a couple of people. We are going to a catering hall, dressing up, drinking, dancing and going to have a blast. I am just nervous about all these new events. I really don’t know how my body is going to be after all this. All I can do is work out and try to make the right choices. I want to look awesome for NYE and I plan on going out tomorrow for the most amazing NYE dress. I am just afraid nothing is going to fit me. I wanted to buy something that was more fitted to my body but I may go for something that flows. I am not sure. was everyone’s Christmas? Did anyone receive anything that was for health or fitness? I really did not get anything actually. I did not ask for anything for Christmas I can not complain. I did get two Biggest Loser books that are cook books and what not…So that will be cool to read. I also did get Just Dance for the Wii. I totally forgot about that video game and it was a way I used to get my work outs. I am excited to play that game. Did anyone receive anything good? I really need new sneakers and sport bras..but I need to buy them on my own. Brian did buy me a pair of UGGS..but that has nothing to do with fitness! haha!

I love the holidays so much. I wish fatty foods was something that did not have to be around but sometimes you just have to take a breath and enjoy the things around you. I decided to show a picture of me from Christmas EVE 2012 and Christmas EVE this year. Have a great day, guys!!




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