Merry Christmas Ya Fitness Animal


Merry Christmas Eve everyone! All my gifts are wrapped and ready to go. I am rather excited for the Christmas holiday. This is one of my favorite holidays beside Halloween.
If you are feeling nervous about today or/and tomorrow with eating habits..Remember it is only two days. Do not afraid to indulge but remember that this holiday is to be with your family and/or friends. Don’t stuff your face when your should be talking to them!
Be smart if you wish. An example is today even though I have little things I may have to do..I am going to the gym today. Do not take it easy. If you are not a sweaty mess..I personally do not feel that you are working hard enough. Work out today! Most events are not until later. Tomorrow I am taking a break from working out.
Just be smart with the holiday but enjoy! This should not be about the food but your loved one. Still enjoy though! Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!!


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