Work Out Mania!


I am so happy to be done with graduate school this semester. It was very stressful. I am still waiting for my grades though..I have so much free time now so have no idea what to do with it.
I really love my new gym, Healthtrax! I love doing the classes but I also love the equipment they have. Where else can I work out and watch Dead Poets Society on my own personal TV? I really enjoy the Zumba classes and yoga is something I am trying to get used to. The spin classes are great but I enjoy trying new things. I really want to do a aqua class or Aqua Zumba soon but I may be the youngest one there. Oh well!
I am glad I enjoy where I work out because my eating habits are so bad. I have not been writing my points all. Last week I ate out so much and today I ate so many sweets due to my Mom baking. I know it is the holidays but I want to still be good. Plus I need to fit into a awesome New Years Eve dress this year! So I need to cut the sweets! I have been working out hard though. Oh holidays…you are stressful! Not really..I love christmas!




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