First Weigh In…I FORGOT!!



Yes, my first monthly weigh in was on Dec 6..and yes I forgot to weigh in! I was in the middle of eating my breakfast and forgot to step on that scale! I am so used to not stepping on the scale that I totally forgot. I guess this proved that I am more then a number. Also, it proved that I am less stressed out due to my weight. I weighed myself later that day but it was at my gyms scale. It said I gained a pound. Then when I came home after my work out it said I gained two pounds. So either I gained a pound in the month or I stayed the same. I am really not upset by this because I know Thanksgiving happened but also I notice a difference with my body. My arms and stomach look different to me. I have been trying all these new classes at my gym that I am never bored. Tomorrow I am going to get my butt kicked by my trainer. I hope he gives me a cool new work out routine to try. Right now i feel like I am in a good place. I feel like sculpting my body is the way to go.


This semester is coming to a close..THANK GOD! This semester went by so quickly but was pretty crazy. Going to school three days a week was rough. Also, writing a response paper all the time was so not cool. My goal is not to snack/over eat due to stress with school. I am going to try very hard to be good leading up to the end. I will not wait until the last minute to write my papers. I am almost done one. I have another to start. Also, my thesis proposal which seems like will never happen due to conflicts with the professors.  Speaking of that..I literally just sent an email to the head of the thesis writing due to this sentence.

Keep_Calm_Its_Christmas With all this stress of graduate work, Christmas is literally around the corner as well! So much stress but fun. I have purchased most of my gifts due to Black Friday but I still need to buy a couple of more things. The junk food during this holiday season is crazy too. I have to bake something for a cookie swap at a graduate school event. I also want to bake cup cakes for my first graders I watch during lunch. Lots of treats! Then who knows what else to follow. I am training hard for this holiday season because for Christmas and is me not caring. I want to live! Well, enough with my rambling. I need to finish homework.



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