My Struggle


I have been having a real hard time getting motivated. I work out but then ruin my work outs with bad food or snacking. I can not seem to stop my snacking. I think I have been stressed due to my grad classes but that should not be a reason to keep snacking and make poor food choices.
Next month I am going to try really hard to get back on track. I know Christmas is happening but I would like to start this month rather then the new year. I made my gym schedule. Now I need to get back in track with tracking my points and not snacking. It is so hard.


December Fitness

workingout Everyone always seems to ask me what do I do for work outs. I love working out and I love to try new things. I thought since I joined a new gym I should start something new. This is my fitness schedule for December. It is a rough draft because things do come up and thing can change but I felt it was kind of cool to schedule certain things. Classes are set because of time but if you notice it will say weight training or cardio. I am not sure what I will do during those days but I figure I would focus on one or the other. So I plan to do a schedule like this every month. I think a schedule will really motivate me to keep going. I think it will make me feel like I need to be somewhere. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! I am doing a boot camp class tomorrow! Wish me luck. =D



Gobble Gobble..Stop Worrying!!! How to Enjoy Your Thanksgiving

Keep Calm and GOBBLE On copy Sorry for being quiet but my graduate courses are killing me! Not only is the semester coming to a close but I am also trying to prepare for my thesis that starts next semester! AH!! Good thing Thanksgiving is this week! Now I have been getting some emails lately about what I should tell you all to do for Thanksgiving. How about enjoy it? 

 I know, the average person will consume over 4,500 on Thanksgiving. That is a lot! day will not ruin your life style. People are always asking me, “What do you do?” or “What did you do last year?” My Mom cooked the meal and we ate! Yes, we do things a little differently such as fat free gravy or more veggies but last year I still ate turkey, mash potatoes and pie. I still also consumed some adult beverages as well. The idea of one day should not stress you out. You should enjoy the day with your family and then the next day go back to normal. People have high anxiety of the holidays but I think one day is not bad. I always complain about the summer because there are more BBQ and events. Thanksgiving is only one day. ENJOY IT!

 If you wish for some advice then here is what I will say:

1.) Do not pile things onto your plate.

2.) Do not drown your food in gravy or butter

3.) Try to plan your plate accordingly. You should have more veggies on your plate and some protein/crabs.

4.) If you wish to go for seconds..Pick two/three things you loved and eat them. Why make a whole plate again? If you loved that turkey then have some more. If you loved Grandmom’s corn bread then go ahead. Do not pile everything on again.

5.) Drink water. If you wish to have adult beverages that is fine but drink water during the meal. Also, coffee or tea is great if offered.

6.) Small piece of dessert. Do not do seconds.

8.) Try to work out before your big meal. I know I am going to the gym before dinner and you should too!

9.) Still eat before dinner. You do not want to go starving. It will make you eat more.

10.) Eat slowly. Take small bites. It will fill you up faster.

Enjoy the day!!! Just enjoy being with your family and be happy to even be alive. One day will not ruin everything. Get back on track on Friday. I promise it will be okay!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!




Transformation Tuesday: Featuring A Philadelphia Radio Personality


I am a huge fan of a radio morning show in Philadelphia,PA. Preston and Steve on 93.3 WMMR is something I have been listening to since I was in the seventh grade. I am 24 years old and going for my masters..That can tell you how long I have been listening. I listen to this show almost everyday. If you do not live in the Philadelphia area they do have a podcast on iTunes. Do the five day challenge and I bet you will be hooked.
Why is this transformation Tuesday so important? Well, the before picture looks nothing like me. It shows how much of an accomplishment I have done. Also, I am such a huge fan of the show, I was always embarrassed to go out to their events.
I went to their Totally Office Calendar realize party on Friday. That was the first event I have been to since 2009. This visit was different from 2009. I had more confidence around them. Since losing the weight I have gained a brand new confidence. I got a picture with Steve as seen above and we talked a little. I spoke to Casey about his weight loss. Preston
smacked me on the butt with a paddle, which is something I would have never done! Kathy actually said my outfit was cute and WHERE I got it.
I know this may seem silly but you would not believe what holds you back when you do not have confidence about yourself. I know the people reading this have something that they are afraid to do because they are letting their weight hold them back. Now, I know the Preston and Steve show would have not cared what I looked like. They were nice to me in 2009. I was most likely a weirdo in 2009 because since my confidence was at a low I did not speak to them. I just went up and got pictures taken. You need to have confidence. I learned in order for you to keep going with a weight loss journey you must have that or you will fail. Believe in yourself and love yourself. You are truly an amazing person.

On a side note, the Preston and Steve gang look great. They all looked as if they lost weight. They sometimes talk about it on their show and I think to have a group lose weight together is inspirational and great! Also, I had a load of fun on Friday night. You should totally listen to Preston and Steve on 93.3 WMMR. GADZOOKS!


New Works and Brand New Confidence



What an insane week! I am going to make a quick post. I am sorry if I do not seem very helpful with advice posts or anything. Graduate school is kicking my butt. I have a presentation, annotated bibliography. two papers over 15 pages of length and the work of my masters thesis that is due less then a month. Lets say I want to pull my hair out! Anyway…

I am in such a better mood that I do not weigh myself every day or week. The scale was driving me crazy and I finally feel I have all this weight off my shoulder..No pun intended. I feel better about myself. I have no idea what my body is doing but it is nice to not constantly worry about it. I feel like I am actually living. So, goodbye scale until December 6!

So, I joined Healthtrax with my Mom last Thursday. Saturday I did a yoga and piloxing class. I have never done either before and it totally kicked my butt. It was funny because during the work out I felt like I did nothing but when I woke up the next morning my abs were on fire! My abs are still hurting if I sneeze or cough. I have never felt this sore in a while. So, I guess the class really did something. Sunday my Mom and I did Zumba and that was a lot of fun. I am not too crazy about Zumba but my Mom enjoys it. I think the whole idea of dance moves kind of drive me crazy. If you tell me to squat then I will squat. But if you tell me technical dance names I sort of get lost. My Mom and I are going to do another class tonight though. I am happy my Mom is going back to working out.

So, the fitness classes are awesome. I am going to try more classes until I go back to spinning. My body is bored of spinning. Also, my legs are looking damn I will take a break. I actually meet with a personal trainer next Monday about weights. I hope to do more things with my arms and my abs. I would really like that. Well, I have to go. I always seem to be busy. I have an eye doctor appointment. I feel like I am always rushing around or doing home work! I can not wait for winter break!! Stay tune for tomorrow because I have an awesome transformation Tuesday photo! If you are from the Philadelphia area then you will know all about who I am posting a picture with. You will have to wait until tomorrow to see.



Joining A New Gym


I am so excited for two reasons. One reason is my blog has been blowing up. The views have been crazy. I am not sure what is happening but I find it awesome. Thank you for everyone viewing my blog the last couple of days.

I am excited to say my Mom and I joined a new gym. We joined Healthtrax. We are excited because it has a lot of different things we are looking for. They have classes, a pool, circuit training and personal training. I am excited to get back on the swing of things. I am going to set up my first trainer session on Saturday. I would like to hear from someone things I need to do to help sculpt my body. My Mom and I are also taking Zumba on Sunday. So, this is exciting for a change. I have high hopes for joining a gym like this. I hope this will get me back on track.


Transformation Tuesday


It is amazing what losing 80 lbs does to your fashion sense. Granted, the before picture is me in a Halloween costume but the things I was wearing was actually things in my closet. Also that shirt was from 2005 when I was a sophomore in high school. I hated clothes shopping. If I liked an outfit then I kept it forever. I never got rid of it and would buy no new clothes. Now that I lost all this weight I care about my appearance. I look forward to clothes shopping. So not only has my transformation changed my body but it has also the way I think.