Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I love this Holiday so much because I love to dress up. For work I am dressing up as the five little monkeys. I am going to be pjs! Since I am going to grad school tonight I am not going out until tomorrow as Hipster Ariel.

This is from Halloween 2011. I donated this costume last year for it was too big.

Anyway..Remember that Halloween is one day but do not pig out on treats. If you want a piece of candy go ahead but please do not sit with the bucket and munch away. If at work they are giving treats just say no. You do not need it. If they pressure then take it but do not eat it. Maybe give it to someone at home. When so have bad treats I always give it to my Dad because he is not doing WW but he does not need to lose weight.
Just remember today is one day. You can have a treat but do not be a little piggy!



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