Halloween Transformation


If you do not know, I love Halloween! I love Halloween more then Christmas. Only thing is since moving back to NJ people have been lame and never want to dress up, go out or have parties. Anyway, I love to dress up. I dressed up as Hipster Ariel for Comic Con so of I do go out I will dress like that again. I know at work for the preschoolers I am dressing up as one of the five little monkeys jumping on the bed…but I am not going to a bar or party like that.
I find it funny though that I finally feel confident in my own skin and I am not buying a girly or risky outfit. I guess I still have some modesty in me. Anyway, what are you guys dressing up as? What is your favorite part of Halloween?
Remember if you have kiddies to check there candy after Trick or Treating but keep the candy away from sight. All that candy is not a good thing! Also if you are giving out candy try to wait as long as possible to buy it or hide it because it could be opened and snacked on before Halloween. Just a warning from experience!


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