Date Night Healthy


So, if you have not known already I have been in a relationship with a great guy whose name is Brian. We have been dating for four years..five in April. Brian has now joined in the healthy and losing weight life style with me. He has lost over 20 lbs so far and I am so proud of him!

What I have noticed that we are falling into a trap with our dates. We tend to go out to eat ALOT. Also when we go out to eat we never seen to get anything healthy. I do not think we are helping each other by doing this. Yes, sometimes you need to live and enjoy life but eating poorly every week is not the way to go. I have been wrapping my brain around what Brian and I could do for dates. I thought I could share you my thoughts and ideas.

Working out together: This may not seem the most romantic date ever but working out is something I enjoy. I want to share what I enjoy with others. I also would like to have a work out partner.

Taking walks: We tend to do this already but maybe we can take longer walks. Go to the park and enjoy nature.

Go bowling: Ignore the junk food and just enjoy the sport. Maybe join a team?

Take a class together: My Mom suggested a cooking class but I do not think that will help us. I was thinking a dancing class or something but I know Brian would kill me.

Go to a concert: I noticed the concerts Brian and I have gone to we were standing on our feet and moving around the whole time. Concerts usually do not have junk food..They do have beer but they are so over priced it is not even worth it.

Go to a museum: Living so close to Philadelphia, Brian and I never seem to enjoy the history and art around us.

Cook a healthy meal together: I felt this could help us learn new healthy meals and we could do it together as a couple. Why go out and eat unhealthy when we can cook a good meal together?


These were just a few ideas I came up with. I just feel like we eat out far too much and this is what is not making me lose weight. Granted I come up with these ideas to go out but I wish he would help me with saying that is not a good idea. Oh well, I need to learn what is write and what is wrong.

If you think of any ideas, please let me know! What do you guys do on your dates? Any suggestions or advice? I would love to hear it!


Plan to Change or Remain the Same

This journey has been unreal for me. Who would of thought when I started I would of lost 80lbs. In years past I would try to lose weight but nothing really happened. What was different? I WANTED to change. I looked at my life and felt I was complaining about everything! I was tired of feeling like crap, no sleeping well, and feeling out of shape. Also, I was tired of my low confidence. I never felt I looked sexy or pretty in clothes. I wanted to shop I’m certain clothing a stores but I was stuck in the grand mom section. I was sick and tired of feeling bad and sorry for myself. Things had to change.
Now I am going through the same thing except not so extreme. I am tired of being stuck at the same weight. I got on the scale today and saw that same number that has been staring at me since July. I am tired of it! So I am making changes.


Remember I said I had no time to work out Tuesday-Thursday? Well that is a bunch of crap. I noticed Tuesday and Thursday I have an hour to kill before class. Guess what? I went to Monmouth University gym. I moved my butt. I stopped acting tired and moved my body. I felt so much better at school.
My main problem is eating out. I have noticed I am going out to eat a lot with Brian or others. Also I have noticed I am not getting the healthiest choice. Sure, that Ruben sounds amazing but I should only get it as a treat. I need to speak with Brian about eating out less. I need to think of better date ideas.
My last problem is the dreaded alcohol. I am not drinking so much like I did in my undergrad but I have notice I am drinking more. Well, no more! Again this should be a treat and a once in a while thing. Looking at my schedule I have noticed there is no big events happening and eating bad and drinking should not be on my list anytime soon.


In order to make a change you have to notice what is wrong. Then you have to demand change for yourself. You have to learn to make these changes and want it to happen. If you do not want it then it will not happen. Want it!!


Transformation Tuesday

I do not think I will post one of these every week. Maybe once or every other. For me, it is important to look at past pictures of myself. Looking at pictures of the past help motivate me about all the hard work I have done.


It is amazing to me what I have done in a year. If you keep going you will see results. Do not give up!


Sweat USA in Atlantic City



This Saturday I headed to Atlantic City, New Jersey and experienced my first expo that had everything to do with health and fitness. It was an amazing experience! I enjoyed it very much and I wish I went for the second day. The expo was at the Caesars Hotel and it was a great space. There was a lot to see and much to do. The expo its self was cool by having lots of free give away’s, A Reebok store with 25% off everything, E-boost and many different things. There was a main stage in the center that was really cool. Lots of interesting talks about health and fitness. One part pole dances were showing off there moves and a Zumba class  which was awesome.

The only thing I had a problem with was the knowledge of everything. If you plan to do this expo go early. Unless they change it for next year, you have to sign up for all the free classes (I do not understand why…I will explain later) and they fill up quickly. No where on the website it says that sign up is right out front and not before a class or anything. Also, they let people sign up for Sunday. I am so glad I showed up Saturday because if I came only Sunday all the classes would have been filled!

Well, I signed up for things and that was fine. When my class at 2pm happened..I went to the location I thought it was at but it ended up nothing was happening. When I asked people no one seemed to know what I was talking about. So I was a little upset by this. Then I noticed something interesting while I watched people go forward to the spinning class. People were taking bikes but no one was checking if they signed up. Then when people came and said they “signed up” they were kicking people off the bikes. No where did I see a list in someones hand or anything. No one was checking. What was the point with signing up? Well, I signed up for a hip hop class for 3pm. I had NO idea that they were a half hour behind with the classes. The classes were located across the hall from the expo and that is where I headed at 3pm. When the doors opened at 3 pm, I walked in with a huge group of women who were waiting. No one asked me if I signed up or made sure I was in the right place. No one asked anyone. We all walked in. Well, it turned out that I did not walk into the hip hop class but the KerboomKA class. Had no idea! Well, since I was there I stayed. It turns out I talked to a women later in the day and she told me that she only signed up for one class and that her and her daughter stayed in the theater all day..No one was kicking her out. So, what is the point for signing up? I do not blame the women because you spend this money why not stay for the free classes? Might as well. I just found it odd that a lot of people did know know timing and scheduling and no one was checking lists or names. My only problem with the expo. Okay..enough negative..Let me tell you the awesome things!!!



The one high light of the trip was the address Jillian Michael’s gave. It was free with your ticket and it was on the main stage.  have to admit that I waited for her for a bit to make sure I was up close. I am really short so I always make sure I have a good spot. I had a great view. She came out and she was so motivational and inspirational. What I loved the most about her speech was apart about how do you get to where you want to be. You can tell yourself that you are great and you can do this..but how will you get to where you want to be? Why is this important? She made examples like living long enough to enjoy her children growing up or fitting into skinny jeans..or having a great sex life. The idea of how and why you want to get to where you want to be seemed to really hit home with me. It is enough to say you are awesome..but how and why did you get to that point?

I even said in my last blog post that she was adorable. She was quirky and funny. I had no idea she was like this. She always comes across and harsh and mean but she was so awesome. Then she had a Q&A which was great because she got personal with the people in the audience. She was so close to picking me. She picked the girl in front of me which was okay. I was going to ask her out to get past this brick wall I have been having with not losing weight. I also wanted her to tell Bob I said Hi..but you know sometimes you are not lucky. She was adorable though. People were throwing little gifts for her and she tries so hard to take as many pictures with fans as she could. She seemed very humble and great full that she has that many fans.



There was so much to see and do for everyone at this expo. What I loved was the main stage and how it had examples of different classes that were going on during the weekend. They showed kick boxing, pole dancing, zumba, piloxing, motivational speeches and so much more. You did not have to sit there and watch. You could get up and move around and sweat your butt off which was awesome. Even if you did not sign up for the classes you still could get a mini lesson from the main stage. I went up to the kick boxing and boxing tent and they let me try a quick little lesson. That was tough! I never boxed with gloves on in my life. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. The gloves were so heavy and I felt my upper body strength was so weak! It did make my arms sore..So I know it was a good work out. I did sign up for information to be sent because they had a gym that offered classes nearby but I am not sure if I will go or not. It is something different. I am now interesting in try new things.



So, I ended up signing up for Hip Hop but ended up showing up to this KerBoomKa class. When I got on the stage and the instructor was telling us about KerBoomKa…I had no idea what he was talking about! I was so confused because I thought I signed up for Hip Hop. I am so glad that I ended up doing the KerBoomKa class! It was a high light of the trip. KerBoomKa reminded me of Zumba but way more intense. It was faster pace (which I loved) and it felt more like a work out. I am sorry if you love Zumba..but I do not love Zumba. I find Zumba sort of slow and awkward. Maybe I have not had good experiences but I do not care for Zumba. KerBoomKa was awesome though. My legs are still sore from it right now! You do so many squats and crunches that you totally feel it the next day! I loved it and I am hooked..only problem is they are out of New York. I live two hours away but I am not going to travel to do an hour class. Maybe if I am in the area. Here is the KerBoomka website though.  I joined there mailing list and if classes do pop up near me I will not hesitate to do this again! I loved it!!

Hip Hop at Tilton Fitness was fun and goofy. Half the moves I could not do but I was not there to be on Broadway or Step It Up..I was there to work out. So you laugh and you have a good time. People worry so much that they can no do the moves. As long as you are moving, I think you are doing just fine. That class was fun because the instructor did classic hip hop and island dancing and different kinds I can not remember. It was just a lot of fun. We did a lot of squats in that class as well. I think my legs will never be the same again.

The expo was a lot of fun. I hope to go back next year. I really hope to go for both days. Now that I know what to expect I will go for both days for sure. If I could save enough money I would like to take classes with the celebrity trainers they have next year. This year they had Jillian Michael’s and Shaun.T. It would have been cool to do one of their workouts. So I hope to accomplish that for next year. I hope to maybe stay over night as well because driving and tolls burns money but a hotel room is more expensive. I have a whole year to plan. Also, I hope to go with someone next year. It was fun by myself but it would have been more fun to go with someone I know so we could laugh at how goofy we were being.



Thank you so much for having me Sweat USA AC..I can not wait for next year. This was a great experience. I bought a tank top from the expo and it is a medium. Who would have ever thought I would by a female fitted medium tank top? Not me! I hope to wear it proudly next year when you come back to AC next year!



Sneak Peek of Sweat USA in AC


I just got home from Atlantic City, NJ because of the Sweat USA expo. I am not giving a review yet because the expo continues tomorrow and I do not want to give anything away to people who have not gone yet. I want people to go and enjoy the experience for themselves.

Jillian Michaels will not be there tomorrow though. Her talk was truly amazing and inspirational. Very motivating too. She is also SO CUTE!! Who knew screaming and mean Jillian from the biggest loser was funny, full of smiles and cute little quirks. I loved her. To be honest I thought she was adorable. I loved her and her address.

More of a review tomorrow. Stay tune for that. This was just a sneak peek.


2lbs Down This Week


I have lost 2 lbs this week! I am 3 lbs away back to my original weight since Jamaica. I feel better that this is happening and I think my routine with school and work is helping. I wish I could work out more but Friday-Monday is as good as it will get with that. Today I may go to Planet Fitness or pop in a Biggest Loser DVD. Maybe the one with Jillian Michaels.
I am happy it is Friday because this week has been stressful with work and school. Also, my car broke down an hour and half away from home on Wednesday. I was stuck for three hours. I know it is in the past but it made my week rough. I need to learn to not stress and let things roll off my back. I need to let things stop bothering me so much.
Tomorrow I am going to SweatUSA tomorrow in AC. I will be listening to Jillian Michaels speak and walk around the expo. Not sure what work outs I am doing yet. I am excited about going!


Before and During Worth Sharing

I felt that this was a important thing to share with all of you.

This was me last year at the home open of the Eagles game. My family and neighbors try to tailgate an Eagles football game once a year. We did it again today.

This is me today. I was 20 lbs lost in the first picture. I have lost an overall of 80 lbs. Eating right and working out is possible. If you work hard enough and believe in yourself then you can do it.