My Trip To Montego Bay, Jamaica



Brian and I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica last week. It was a great experience. We stayed at an All-Inclusive resort at the Holiday Inn Sunspree and it was great! It was great because I drank and ate as much as I wanted. I went into this vacation not worrying about gaining weight and not being healthy. I worked very hard this week and I wanted to treat myself. I gained 11 lbs of course but I will not beat myself about it.  I was glad I did not worry about this because I had a blast and it was so relaxing!



This was the first time I was ever out of the country. I am from New Jersey and I am not used to seeing the ocean be so clear. I could see my feet and fish swimming all around. It was amazing. I tried to snorkel one day but they ran out of snorkels. I just got a mask and that was good enough. It was amazing how many fish and hermit crabs were everywhere. I could not believe how close I was to wild life.

fish2 fish3 underwater


One thing I can cross off my weight loss bucket list is I CLIMBED THE DUNN’S RIVER FALLS. The falls is 180 feet high and 600 feet long..and Brian and I climbed it. It was tough. I did not realize how tough it was to climb this monster. I actually wanted to give up but our tour guide (the only female tour guide) was not taking giving up as an answer. She helped me along the way. It was really amazing how someone was so willing to help me conquer this. My only thing about this was the fact that children were climbing this. Some of the kids were terrified and I got stuck holding a six year old at one point during the falls. I knew a six year old could not pick me up. So I wish that children were not climbing the falls. I would never make my child do this. was a great climb and we were very sore from this.

Another thing I can cross off my weight loss bucket is GO TO A TROPICAL PARADISE IN A KILLER OUTFIT. I wore this awesome dress to an amazing dinner one night and I felt so good in it. I felt confident and amazing in it. Not only did I wear it to dinner but we went to a club later that night. I danced in it for hours and hours.



An all-inclusive resort was great because everything is paid for. You get to eat and drink what ever you like. I know this sounds awful to promote on a weight loss blog but it is the way to go for vacation. The drinks were great and always flowing and the food was really good. I tried jerk chicken and pork and it was great. Very spicy but it tasted great with Red Stripe beer. Not only did they have bad food but they had amazing fruit. I tried all the fruit there. Papaya, mango, pineapple and many more. The fruit was great. I always made sure I had some kind of fruit on my plate.



My whole experience was amazing. Brian and I had an amazing time and we can not wait to go back. I have learned that I love to travel and I hope to go out of the country again. I loved the lay back life style of Jamaica and I hope to go back soon. The beach was beautiful and the people in Jamaica were so friendly. I am glad to add this to my memories.

Vacation is Over



Hello everyone! I am back from my wonderful vacation at Montego Bay, Jamaica. I will write another post about how my vacation later. I have a lot of pictures to upload and right now I do not feel like doing that right now. The only negative thing about my vacation is I got on the scale this morning.  I gained 11 lbs! Holy poop. I could beat myself up about this but why would ? I knew going into this vacation I was going to eat and drink what I wanted. Now that I am home I am going to go back to my healthy ways. One week will not kill you. Enjoy life and have fun!

More posts later. Right now I need to do a huge load of laundry.



Gone on Vacation



Well everyone, I am off to my vacation. I will be away in Jamaica with Brian starting tomorrow. I will be back on Friday night. My goal for this vacation is to have fun and not worry about what I eat or drink. I want to enjoy myself and relax. I hope to try new things because since my weight loss I am more daring and adventurous. Most importantly I hope to stay away from all social media. I plan on not having phone calls or text messages. I have been so consumed with social media and my cell phone that I need a break from it all.

Remember to watch the Rachael Ray Show this Monday because they are showing the episode I appeared in. If anyone who watched the show and found this blog or my Tumblr account..I will be back Friday! Please leave me messages and likes to come back to. Please follow me on Twitter, Facebook and  Instagram.  I will be writing in one week! =)


Watch The Rachael Ray Show on August 26.



Hey everyone! I found out that they are rearing the Rachael Ray episode I was in on Monday..August 26. Check your local listings because I am not sure what channel or time the show airs in other states or cities. The episode originally aired on April 29th. I got to sit at Rachael Rays table and meet Bob Harper. It was a great experience. Since the episode I have lost 20 more pounds. I have been working very hard to get to my weight loss goal. My life did change since Rachael Ray. I have met so many great people with inspiring weight loss stories.

So please watch The Rachael Ray show on August 26. I will sadly be out of the country and be limited to internet access but I still have the episode recorded on my DVR. Thank you everyone!



This Brick Wall Will Not Break..



I am a little frustrated this week. I stepped on the scale and I remained the same. Yes, I know a scale should not define me and I am more then just a number but COME ON! I worked my butt off this week and I am still the same. Do not get me wrong..80 lbs is amazing but I have been the same weight loss since last month. I have not gotten over or through this brick wall. I am not sure what to do. I have changed up so many things that I do not even know what to change to make it work. I think I may work out too much and I am gaining muscle. I think that is great. It is just frustrating to get on the scale and see it has not budged at all. One month of no results.

Once school and work starts I will have a routine so maybe that will change. Does anyone have any type of advice for new work outs? I think my body is bored of my work outs but the only problem is I have no money to do anything new. I do the same work outs because that is what I can afford. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or ideas?


In other news..TWO DAYS UNTIL JAMAICA! The last vacation I was on was last year when I went to Vegas with Brian. Now Brian and I are going to Jamaica for a week and I am super excited. Even though I am frustrated by this brick wall I will try and not let it bother me during my vacation.  I already know I am going to gain weight on this vacation. Sure, I have read many things about being healthy and making good decisions on vacation but I feel like I should not worry about that kind of stuff.

I do plan on using the gym at the hotel a couple of days. Also, Brian and I are climbing the Dunns River Falls..but I do not plan on worrying about my eating habits. I will eat fruit of course but I plan on eating what I want. Also, I plan on drinking like a fish. I know this does not seem the healthy choice or right thing to do but this is my vacation. I worked so hard (even if I can not break this brick wall) and I deserved to enjoy myself.  Once I come back home I will continue what I am doing..(or change it up a bit) and go on with my life. You should enjoy vacation. Do not worry about losing weight on a vacation because you should enjoy yourself and the life around you. I know I will enjoy these next week.




Cascadian Farm Berry Cobbler Granola

image (2)


I found a new love for granola and mixing it in my yogurt. I decided to try this product today because I was tired of just eating my yogurt plain. It is 1/2 a cup for 5 Weight Watcher points but I did not even use that much which was great. The taste was delicious. I am now a huge fan of granola in my yogurt. I have two other types of granola and I can not wait to try them in my Greek yogurt. If you enjoy using granola in anyway I do suggest you buying this product. Yummy!


Cascadian Farm Hearty Morning Fiber


Today I tried my first product that Cascadian Farm gave me. I am a huge fan of breakfast food and cereal is something I love. I decided to try the Hearty Morning Fiber cereal. I love cereal that has fiber in it. For 3/4 it is 5 points in Weight Watchers. This may not seem like a lot but put it in a smaller bowl. Sometimes you can trick your mind with things like that.
When I poured the cereal in the bowl I have to admit that it did look like hamster food but usually fiber cereals do not look pretty. It tasted really good though!! The only thing I wish I had was strawberries or blue berries to spice up the cereal and give me more of a portion but it is fine. The cereal was still very good on its own. It is a great cereal for fiber. It totally filled me up and I am satisfied. I will eat this again for sure!